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Your Basic Guide for Choosing & Practicing cultural Fashion:

The fashion industry keeps on making many fashion statements, and there is no end to that. A few months pass, and a new fashion statement is out there, making its pay on the runway in fashion shows. Fashion moves forward pretty fast, and there is no stopping to that. The entire fashion industry is dependent on being edgy and something new every year.

Every person out there wants to be different from each other and wants to bring out a new style that is unique in the market. The fashion industry is costly, and it is getting even more expensive with time passage. According to a survey conducted, it was proven that in the USA, more than 250 billion dollars are spent on the fashion industry and accessories.

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Impact of cultural fashion

Culture plays a significant role when it comes to fashion. Fashion and culture have always been moving forward in society together. Clothing is essential because it is also a way to communicate with each other and send signals and messages about who we are and what we need as a person. People also express themselves by using fashion accessories and different types of clothing because they like to show other people who they are from the inside.

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Should we adopt fashion or not?

When it comes to adopting fashion, it always depends on person to person. Every person has their way of expressing who they are from inside and what they want to achieve in their lives. Fashion is a thing that cannot be forced on anyone, and everyone likes to express themselves differently from other people.

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How can you represent your culture through lifestyle?

Culture is something that holds a special place in the heart of everyone. Every person has a special place in their hearts for their culture, and they can never forget it. People like to express their lifestyle and culture by their clothing and fashion accessories.

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You can easily express Yourself by using these accessories. People always try to stay in fashion, and what influences them the most is the culture that is the most extensive reflection of the cultural forces and a lot of social aspects at the same time.


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Nowadays, there is a combination of global culture and global connectivity, and we call it globalization. Globalization has had an enormous impact on the culture and clothing of people residing in particular areas of the world.

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Sources of fashion

There are three significant sources of fashion when it comes to culture. They are high culture, low culture, and pop culture.

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Fashion comes into place when people are residing in different cultures and different areas. When you want to understand the depths of the trends and fashion ultimately, you first have to understand your surroundings. When you completely understand your culture and society, you will comprehend the style and culture of that particular place.

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