• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

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Why is Flat Roof Insulation Important?

Flat roof insulation is an essential part of your home insulation. Usually, flat roofs are found in different home extensions, such as bathrooms and storage rooms. These areas generally have a high level of humidity and condensation. They are not always best insulated and tend to leak heat and deteriorate over time. Two types of flat roofs available are Cold Flat Roof Insulation and Warm Flat Roof Insulation. Depending upon type of your property and other parameters one of these can be used to your flat roof.

The most important thing to keep in mind while having flat roof insulation is making sure it has an airtight barrier, which will help in reducing the condensation in such areas of the house.

How to do Foam Flat Roof Insulation?

Traditionally, flat roof insulation is done using fiberglass and cellulose, but there are many issues encountered while using these insulating materials. A new and much better alternative to these materials is now used in the form of Spray foam for doing flat roofs. Spray Foam Flat Roof Insulation has become extremely popular among homeowners for doing flat roof insulation. Spray foam has a unique ability to expand multiple times after application, so it helps to fill small gaps and cracks, providing an airtight barrier to the flat roof.

Benefits of Using Spray Foam for Flat Roof Insulation

Better Insulation – Spray foam flat roof insulation provides better insulation when compared to other traditional insulating material. It has higher insulation value and helps in keeping your warmer for an extended period.

Eliminates Condensation – Condensation occurs when hot air inside the home gets mixed with cold air from outside due to cracks and gaps in flat roof of the house. Spray foam insulation creates an air barrier that prevents this from happening as it helps trap heat within the home longer.

Reduce Energy Cost – Spray foam flat roof insulation helps to insulate roofs of different extensions in your home and seal any gaps that might be there in those flat roofs. In doing so, it helps in keeping the heat for a longer time in your home and helping you in reducing your energy cost required for heating your home.

Durability – Typically, most of the insulating materials have a lifespan of 5 years, after which you need to top up the insulation or carry out maintenance activity for your insulation. But spray foam is much more durable than another insulating material provides yours with high quality of flat roof insulation for a longer duration of time.

Costs of Roof Insulation 

The price of applying spray foam insulation in UK depends on the area to be installed (attic, wall shed etc), the depth of insulation required, whether it open cell or closed cell and if there are any access issues. For example, the cost of spraying an attic or loft using open cell spray foam insulation includes the cost of the breathable vent card required under building regulations to create a 50mm air gap between roofing felt and insulation material, which allows your timbers to breathe. Always ask your contractor if a breathable vent card is required.

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