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What to do if the baby does not want to be in the stroller?

What to do if the child, still too small, does not want to know about being in the stroller ? It is a not unusual situation in which many families often find themselves, ending up living each walk with their child as a real nightmare . The little one squirms and throws a tantrum, cries and asks to be picked up or – if a little older – to be able to walk alone, but it is difficult for him to do it for long. How to behave then?

The stroller is a functional product that was created with the aim of simplifying the life of parents, helping them to go out to run errands in less stressful conditions and also starting to encourage physical detachment especially between mothers and babies – unlike, for example, the baby wearing products – and, therefore, a very first sense of independence, naturally using some important precautions such as the position facing mum that allows the little ones to always feel reassured by eye contact with mum or dad.

However, if the child does not really like being in the stroller, the first thing to do is to understand why , if it is somehow linked to a physical discomfort – in this case it is good to contact the pediatrician – or to a simple whim .

Let’s not forget, in fact, that the newborn, who has been in the mother’s womb for nine months and is used to constantly smelling her , could experience the stroller as a trauma. In this case, despite screams and protests, it is good not to give up , giving him easily won, otherwise he will think that this is a good technique to always get what he wants . Therefore, firm determination, albeit always seasoned with the utmost sweetness, is to be preferred.

It’s just a matter of habit, so it needs to be handled with a few little tricks. So, a good solution – according to several experts – is to use a so-called “transitional object” , a blanket or a soft toy that, even at the olfactory level, can transmit to the child the reassuring smell of the mother or, in any case, of the environment. familiar even during outings. A sort of Linus blanket , which the child will abandon when he is ready to face the world on his legs.

So far, we’ve talked about eye contact and olfactory contact, but just as important is hearing contact . Another fundamental advice, if you are in front of a child who does not want to be in the stroller, is to talk to him constantly , distract his attention by showing him some things or places, tell him a story , sing a song . In short, it is important that the little one constantly listens to the voice of the parents.

There could, then, also be a discomfort perhaps due to the annoyance caused by the sun’s rays. In this case, the solution is at hand: install a stroller sunshade. And ready to go. 

What if the baby doesn’t want to be in the egg?

Here, of course, the question is much more serious because it concerns its own safety in the car. Therefore, one cannot absolutely indulge – except, always, there are no physical discomforts, for example, car sickness, in which case the pediatrician should be heard – this whim. In any case, never hold children in your arms even during the shortest drive because, in the event of an accident, they would be in serious danger. How to behave then?

First, if you keep the seat in the back seat , it could be a problem of lack of eye contact . In this case, you can opt – after disabling the passenger side airbag – to place the car seat on the front seat , obviously always facing the opposite direction of travel.

Another problem could be, for example, that the little one is uncomfortable because he wears clothes that are too bulky . On this, it must be borne in mind that – also for a matter of greater safety – it is better to remove bulky duvets or coats when the baby is in the car seat. Which could also help make him feel more comfortable.

If the problem is boredom, then the solution is a game that can entertain him or constant interaction with him, telling him a story or singing a song. Finally, if the discomfort is caused by an external factor, such as the sun’s rays, the solution is simple: equip yourself with a sunshade, perhaps colored or printed with the children’s favorite characters. In this way, business is combined with pleasure.