• Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

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What is Eye Care Instrument and how does it work?

The Eye Care Instrument is an eye massage and, as the name suggests, its purpose is to gently massage the eye area (thanks to which we can get rid of bruises from this area), to tighten the skin and make it stretched and renewed. It’s like that? About this in a moment.

The manufacturer of the Eye Care Instrument promises us a few things and explains how it works.

  1. Vibration massage – 10000 Hz vibrations that support skin regeneration by stimulating cells to be active. In addition, the vibrations also help reduce dark circles under the eyes and gently tighten the skin, making it look younger.
  2. Take care with heat  – the head of the Eye Care Instrument heats up to 39 ° C. This gentle warmth makes our skin relaxed. It will also help health and smooth fine wrinkles.
  3. Negative ions – supports the regeneration of even deeper layers of the skin.

The masseur can work in three ways:

  • VIB – preferential massage,
  • HEATING – vibration massage + heating function,
  • ION – vibration massage function + ionization.

Some technical information and disengagement

Eye Care Instrument

  • Model: MS5000
  • Product size: 131.4 mm x 17 mm
  • Net weight: about 42.5 g
  • Battery capacity: 3.7V / 500mAh
  • Charging current: 250mA
  • Working time: mode 1 vibrations: about 250 minutes, mode 2 vibrations + heating mode: about 30 minutes, mode 3 vibrations + ionization mode: about 200 minutes
  • Heating function: 39 ℃ +/- 1 ℃
  • Charging voltage: USB DC 5V
  • Charging time: about 2 hours
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃
  • Material: copper, aluminum alloy, stainless steel

In the box with the massage you will find:

It is important that the device can be used wherever we want, because it does not need to be permanently connected to electricity. This is definitely a big advantage. We also have some disadvantages. First of all, we can not control how much the device is loaded, because there is no screen. Second, we are not connected to any application.

How to use Eye Care massage

I used the device according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Here is a brief instruction:

  1. Take the right amount of eye cream and rub it from the inner corner, then turn on the device.
  2. Use the massage head to massage from the inner corner of the eye, along the lower corner of the eye slowly and gently.
  3. Be careful, massage for about 10 seconds at each point and repeat 2-3 times.
  4. Make circles around the eye – about 3-5 circles.
  5. Apply the skin care product on the face and activate the device.
  6. Massage slowly.

Of course, before using the device, I removed my makeup and prepared my face for this treatment by applying tonic and face serum (you can read it right in the review) Cavitation Peeling ). Then I gently applied the eye cream and then used the Eye Care Instrument from the inner corner gently upwards without stretching the skin.

An additional treatment that can be performed is the addition of ocular eyes to the care. The heat emitted by the massage will also allow the product to absorb faster and deeper, which will make it work much better.


In the beginning, I would like to remind you that only the regular use of this type of devices, but also cosmetics, will bring you the desired result, so give yourself and your skin time. It all also depends on the condition of your skin, so do not be discouraged if you do not see results immediately – it takes time.

The device is definitely a nice beauty gadget. If you have not previously tested the FaceFace ION Device, the so-called Eggs ( kliknij tutaj ), I highly recommend that you purchase such a device.

The Eye Care Instrument is one of my favorite beauty devices after peeling the “Egg” and the cavity. I like to use it, for example, when I know I have to go somewhere unexpectedly and the skin under my eyes is dry and screaming in paradise for revenge.


The device affects our skin in various ways, which is its great advantage. We have three ways of working, during which the equipment not only rubs our skin, but also relaxes it and helps the cosmetics to be absorbed faster. Plus, you don’t have to worry about batteries. The massage is charged in 2 hours and then it is ready for use.

In addition, we can use the device for other parts of our face, e.g. the forehead (in which, as everyone probably knows, they quickly mimic wrinkles).

It is very easy to use. Starting and switching between functions is done with a single button, which is not touch sensitive, which in my opinion is an advantage. Thanks to this, we will not accidentally change the operation to something we do not want at the moment.


As for the cons, I really see two. First, we are not connected to any application. As a result, we can not see the battery status or mode of operation we are currently using. Second, there is no screen on which we can read the above data.

In my opinion, somehow this information could be given. Sometimes I have that I want to use the Eye Care Instrument and, for example, it does not start. Then my heart pounded that I broke something, and it just discharged. Keep this in mind.