• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

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What computer games are good for children?

Computer games are a stumbling block for many parents. Most often, there are two categorical positions. The first claims that computer games are evil and there is no excuse for allowing children to play them. The second believes that a little computer games during the day will only benefit everyone – parents will get more free time, and children will be busy at home, and not disappear on the street in a bad company. Only now this line of “playing a little” is very often lost, parents more and more want to get time for themselves, and children more and more emotionally respond to the request to stop their favorite game.

In fact, parental control is very important in this situation. While the children are young, it is worth choosing games for them on their own. And for grown-up children, regularly check what they are playing.

Why are computer games useful?

There are many articles about the dangers of games. But today we will talk about the benefits that they can bring.

The modern generation is called “digital”. Maybe it is already worth accepting this fact and instead of a strict ban on computer games, just choose from the whole variety those that will benefit your child?

What are the benefits of computer games? Winning the game will help increase self-esteem in insecure and indecisive children. Many games promote English language learning and also encourage self-study of various topics covered in the game, such as military history. After some games, the guys begin to read books related to them in the story.

Older children, their hobby for computer games can push them to learn programming, create their own games, draw characters, etc.

At what age can you start playing?

You can start acquaintance with computer games from early childhood. Now there are many educational games for toddlers (children 1-3 years old). With their help, kids learn animals, colors, letters and numbers, develop fingers, learn to repeat words and play electronic musical instruments.

For those who are older, various games have appeared that help teach programming – build algorithms, learn programming syntax through the game, control the character of the game using C + +, and so on.

What to play?

Among the variety of these games, two products can be distinguished – Piktomir and Minecraft.

PiktoMir is a Russian development aimed at older preschoolers and younger students. With the help of this game, the guys learn to create the simplest algorithms – they give tasks to the virtual robot, the implementation of which leads him to the desired goal. Programming is carried out in Russian, which makes this program accessible even for kids.

Minecraft popular multiplayer games programming for children is the study of algorithms and structures, as well as the development of 3D thinking in a playful way. Minecraft programming on the platform is carried out using programmable robots turtles. Programming is possible in two languages ​​at once – visual (blocks-symbols are used that indicate specific actions) and text (writing text code to perform various tasks).

You can program the direction of movement of the turtle (up, down, right, left) and various actions. After writing the program, you can immediately test it by running the turtle in the game. If the task is completed, the program is written correctly. Turtles can be programmed to build various structures, dig tunnels, and extract useful items.