• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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What Are The New Trends In Mobile Applications?

Mobile application development is getting more and more attention and popularity. There is no surprise, because mobile apps are very beneficial for both users and the companies that develop them. They provide users with quick access to data on their devices and give companies a new way to interact with existing customers or get potential ones.

The factors that contributed most to such popularity of mobile applications was introduction of smartphones and tablets, into everyday life of ordinary people, as well as the great number of platforms that support mobile app creation.

Nowadays there are many fields in IT where talented professionals can apply themselves in order to be successful. One of these paths is definitely professional mobile development . It has become an integral part in creation of any business-related project related to modern technologies.

New Trends in Mobile Applications

The main trend in mobile game app development is their diversification. An average smartphone owner has more than 10 different applications installed on his device, while the number of applications that he uses daily is only about 4 or 5. This parameter definitely shows that users begin to expect that they can do all their usual activities using just an app instead of a classical website or desktop application.

What does it mean? It obviously demonstrates need for differentiation by specialization and narrowing down of focus on specific problem solutions rather than offering something universal. Users are no longer satisfied with simple “light-weight” functionality – they want useful apps designed especially for them, which will provide great benefits when compared to other similar tools. And this requires developers ability to look at each project individually and understand what exactly users require from the app.

The other thing is that mobile applications have become a marketing tool as strong as social media. Nowadays it is expected from developers to know at least basics of marketing and advertising strategies, which will help them create apps that will be noticed by potential users and remain in their memory for a long time. The same rule applies to any other project – a good professional always knows how to reach his target audience.

In order to be competitive on mobile application market, you need to use all available features . There are many tools among those offered by Android and Apple App Stores, which allow tracking of your products progress and measuring its popularity among users. For example, Google Analytics can provide information such as: where users come from, how much time they spend looking at your app’s content and what actions they perform. A good mobile application developer will know how to use this data in order to develop his products better.

But there is more than just tools for tracking, available for developers’ usage. For example, Adobe released an application called “Test & Target” that allows one to see the stats on the users of specific devices (brand/model) anonymously (so that anyone can check these statistics using their own device). This gives big advantage over classical marketing research methods as it provides a deeper insight into each platform instead of basing decisions on rather superficial information.

One thing remains unchanged – a good mobile developer should not only understand the current trends in IT industry but should also be able to predict their future development. This is why it is so important to keep up-to-date with each new release of Android or iOS SDK, as well as taking part in the latest conferences and webinars related to mobile IT.

One more thing that developers need to know about current trends is the fact that they are moving toward cross-platform technologies . A single code for different systems will allow them not only save time during production process but also develop apps faster due to lower amount of bugs. And this doesn’t mean that mobile applications created using these technologies are worse than native ones. For example, TheCodingMachine creates websites using its own PHP framework called Phalcon, which has already proved itself among many users that value high performance and short development process.

This approach is quickly becoming popular as it allows to reuse already created modules and save up on time during the next project as well as making updates across different platforms much easier.


At the end of the day mobile applications can be used for any purpose – both for business or entertainment. And this is why developers should always keep in mind these three trends: specialization, data collection and cross-platform technologies . If they manage to do so, they will definitely succeed among competitors and provide great experience for their users.