• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

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What are The Ideal Sitting and Standing Desk Ratios?

An employee spends most of the time in their workspace to earn for living a better & easy lifestyle. And this will forward you toward a sedentary lifestyle which can be lead to poor posture. Poor body posture can decline your confidence level; maybe it produces several health-related issues. So, all of us should be aware of our body position at the time of working in the office or anywhere. To help you out, many instruments are specially designed by health experts with the help of technology. A standing desk is a well-known invention in the workstation and almost all of us have started using this ultimate fixture in our office and home. It brings improvement in your posture, increases movement and activity in workers’ daily lifestyles.

Well, this innovation becomes the most useful fixture in a worker’s life still we don’t have an idea about the proper usage of this. And misuse can also put adverse effects as we don’t know how much transition is required and how we ought to stand & sit. That sit and stand desk indeed put a break on a lifelong sedentary way of living, but still, you guys need to learn the proper transition if you want to avoid unnecessary pain. So here you need to acquaint yourself with your brand new height adjustable table that may put a full stop in your inactive life.

Here are the few factors that will guide you about an ideal sit & stand desk ratio, so figure out it now and go ahead.

Physical Consideration: Fitness, Posture & Movement

There is several ranges of factor that brings the extension amount in standing time and purposely can affect the comfort or pain in anyone’s body.

In simple language fitness, is an aspect that includes flexibility, capacity & health. We all know that the more we fit are; increase our capability of standing without struggling from any kind of pain.

With the help of few parameters like screen, mouse, and keyboard you can maintain a neutral position at the time of work. Moreover, with the help of ethical placement, you can maintain a good posture; because the poor structure can put pressure on our spine which may lead to discomfort and pain instead of a straight spine.

Motion is another important factor that brings changes in static posture and increases the blood circulation in the human body that removes the chances of a stalk.

Average Age Ratio of Sitting to Standing

Many doctors and health experts define that the average sitting standing ratio should be between 3 ratios 1. That means 45 minutes for sitting and the rest 15 minutes should be for standing. However, in the latest studies, it is found that the reverse ratio (1:3 sitting/standing) of this is also effective and for healthy people, 1:1 can be beneficial.

But 1:1 is only applicable for those who are fit and below 40 years. Also, people who have crossed the age of 40 should follow 3:2 which includes 36 minutes sitting and 24 min standing. Moreover, we can’t ignore the importance of a desk converter during standing position as it makes the situation easy for you.

Transition Frequency with Right Posture

We all have heard in various presentations- take a stand: and live a healthy blissful life. Lonsdale defines the actual use of a standing desk, and its direct relation to productivity, comfort, and pain in her presentation. She accepts that if we follow all the guidelines and steps then definitely you can notice a change and relaxation in a working hour. One thing we need to clear is that transitions are a key part of movement & promotion activity; so be careful with the frequency in transition and make sure your posture is also neutral. In addition, carelessness can bring a strain on your back and foot during transition.

Physical Fitness is The Ultimate Goal

If anyone is looking for an ideal sitting & standing ratio then health, physical fitness, and agility must be considered first. It is the most important and key factor that decides the comfort zone and pain of an individual’s body. In most cases, it has been seen that standing becomes very difficult for physically shaky people. Even physically fit people can stand or walk for long period without facing any discomfort as compare to unfit individuals’. So, here health should be a consideration if you want to follow the sitting standing desk ratio. You will be glad after using a standing desk as it comes with many advantages also this adjustable table is very comfortable and eco friendly.

Take a Break If Needed

Don’t be panic and rush into this as we need a quantity of time to adjust to such different things. So, whenever you need is just take a break and again for a fresh start towards transitions. Follow short goals start with 5 to 15 minutes instead of long hours. All of these small changes will push you out from the discomfort and sometimes breaks can make you more powerful & fit.