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What Are The 5 Principles Of An Effective Logo Design?

Logo design is the visual representation of your company’s identity. It represents to the people what products or services you are providing and what are your values. An effective, well-designed logo is the most important aspect of the marketing of any brand. While reading about your brand or company, the logo is the first thing that everyone sees. However, designing a logo is not an easy task. Here you will know about the importance of a logo for your brand and how to design a logo that will make your brand stand in a crowd.

Why is Logo Important for a Company?

As you know that a logo is a visual symbol made of a combination of text and image, that represents the identity of your brand and explains to the people what are the products or services you are providing. A well-designed logo differentiates you from other brands or companies and makes your brand stand high. Clear Two is a logo design company in UK, providing high-quality services for logo designing. Everyone cares about their experience with your brand while the people with an eye for design care about your logo as well. A good logo gets these people to stick around and remember you always. To create a positive impression on a new customer and to increase your credibility, design your logo with full focus and attention.

How to Create an Effective Logo Design?

Here are the 5 main principles of logo designing for your business.

Keep it Unique

The logos which are unique and easily identifiable, tend to be the most successful. Naturally, your business may be inspired by any other brand, but while designing a logo for your brand or company, keep in mind not to replicate their ideas. Never try to do something the other brand has already done and instead, beat them with your innovative and creative branding. Generally, logo designing is a real test for any graphic designer, to create something unique and awesome logo that no one has created before. Investing your time, and serious thought could be really helpful for the successful future of your business.  

Choose the Colours Wisely

Well, colours in a logo play an important role. The crucial and hard decision you have to take, before designing a logo is the colour palette. Some people find vibrant colours helpful to grab the attention of potential customers, however, they could be too assertive as well. In general, light and soft colours help to create a more elegant image of a brand. The softer appearance of your logo will be, the more your customers will remember you. Because light colours tend to gain more attention from customers. Colours have the power to trigger emotions and make memories. Well-used colours can help improve brand recognition by up to 85%.

Make it meaningful

You must have heard or read that some of the logos of the world’s most famous and successful brands have a deep meaning. It seems like they have a whole story in them when they initially meet the eyes. Such as some famous car logos that have a global presence. Almost everyone from a very young age knows these cars just by their logos. So, your logo should be unique and it has its meaning. Try to make a design that represents what product or services you are offering. Such as designing cute and bubbly, if you are running a toy store or selling clothes for babies. Hide a message in your logo by creatively using the space. This will define who you are and attract people with eagle eyes instantly. However, you don’t have to deliver a literal message, a metaphor can work even better.

It should be Versatile and Adaptable

While designing a logo, keep in mind that your logo will appear on different platforms and different surfaces from small mobile screens to giant billboards. Smartphones and other devices are rapidly progressing and there is no way to ignore these devices. Your logo will be used in a variety of sizes and colours in web and mobile apps, A versatile and adaptable logo looks identifiable on any surface and any scale. Adaptability was the reason why some of the old logos were remade. The designs created at that time can be perceived if you see them on the mobile interface. Making those kinds of designs now can cause your problem at the stage of user experience.

Design a logo that will look perfect and recognisable in any size and any surface. If you are concerned about that, always go for basic and minimalistic design.

Keep it Basic

Basic and simple logos look sophisticated and decent. A customer can be able to easily recall the brand, as well as the clean and basic logo design, is easily digestible by consumers. Use a stylish yet straightforward design for your logo and that would be perfect. A simple and basic logo should not come at the cost of an uninspiring common design. While keeping it basic and simple, you can still think out of the box and strike an effective balance between simplicity and creativity. The simple and minimal design of the logo can be used easily anywhere. Keep in mind the after result as well, if your logo can be easily printed on fabric, mugs etc, well that would be another win.

Keeping all these principles in mind, companies should create a logo that is visually striking and appealing to attract potential customers. The logo is one of the basic elements of marketing of the brand and it plays a huge role in attracting customers. Some companies produce a logo quickly, while others go through lots of testing and research before finalising a logo that will remain for years. Therefore, invest your time, put serious effort, think out of the box, and create a meaningful and unique logo for your brand that can distinguish it from others.

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