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What are Lofts conversions Enfield and how to build it?

Can one imagine living in an old, abandoned, huge factory? The high ceilings with brick walls and that musty smell. One certainly won’t like it unless it has been remodelled to answer to all the residential requirements a person would have. That’s how old factory buildings are redesigned as domestic spaces in the form of Lofts. Lofts are inhabiting spaces like houses and apartments that are used for personal living. The difference between a loft and any other apartment is that that the lofts are usually present in the upper part of the building that was previously used as a warehouse, or for any other commercial or manufacturing purpose. The lofts are usually part of the buildings that were not initially residential but were used for business. Loft conversions Enfield can be made by oneself or by hiring experts who’ll do it for one. 

There are many different up and coming companies that specialize in Loft conversions. So doing everything oneself can be truly gratifying but it is also a painstakingly slow process that demands astronomical efforts and punishing hours. It’s better to hire professionals who have a team of experienced experts that will do the job efficiently and within the required time and optimum budget. There are a few architectural qualities that are peculiar to lofts. One can take advantage of these peculiarities when it comes to redesigning or remodelling them. A few of these traits include:

1.Large open spaces

Lofts have large open spaces. That is because these buildings were initially used as factories. For manufacturing sellable items or even as warehouses. here the bulk or product was stored or created by heavy machinery. To accommodate large storage of products or for installing heavy machinery, these buildings have large open spaces.

2.High ceilings

High ceilings are a trademark characteristic of Lofts. These residential spaces are built-in upper portions of the buildings. Previously used for commercial purposes. So, high ceilings are an expectant result of such buildings as they are for accommodation. 


Huge steel or wooden beams that support the ceilings can be found in Lofts. These columns not just give off an exotic vibe, but their presence could also pass as a stylish peculiarity in the design of lofts

4.Brick walls

Signature outward brick walls are also present in lofts. Usually, some people cover it up while redesigning the lofts, but other people leave it as it gives a more structurally animated outlook. Brick walls also show how sturdy the building is. But if one dislikes their presence then one can easily cover up the brick walls with wallpaper of some other paint design.

5.large windows 

Lofts get an ample amount of sunlight through the large windows present in them. The large windows not only allow one to have a brilliant view from outside but also give the large space the illusion of it being even bigger. The windows can have arcs or be without them. The large windows certainly are one of the best features of lofts.

6.Strong flooring

As the lofts are remodelled from the buildings that were used as factories or warehouses, thus its flooring is pretty strong. The normal residential building requires a live load of 40 pounds per square feet but the lofts being part buildings that accommodated heavy machinery offers a live load of 120 pounds per square foot. Thus, making lofts have one of the strongest floorings for any residential buildings.

7.Mezzanines in Lofts 

Lofts also have random mezzanines that do not truly accommodate a proper residential structure. Those mezzanines might have accommodated small offices earlier but are not completely suitable for one’s home. These mezzanines can be restructured. One can also re design into different rooms by adding glass walls or doors. That give off a stylish appeal yet make them inhabitable. 

Hiring professionals

While keeping in notice all of the architectural peculiarities of the lofts, one can easily decide whether one chooses to live in one or not. The features offered by lofts certainly are attractive. If one doesn’t like anything, one can easily hire a team of specialists in designing and remodelling lofts. They can make designs that fulfil all the demands and desires. The space one wants to live in. one must do proper research before hiring the designers. One must hire the team by looking at their past remodelled projects. One must also look into their budget and be specific about the changes one wants. Being precise would not just offer the specialists a clear understanding of one’s requirements related to the loft. This will also create an ease of communication that would not hinder one in achieving their dream loft.