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Vertu phones that you can use right now!

Have you ever fancied rubies and diamonds on a phone? Gone are the days when mobiles and cell phones were considered as an accessory that can be used for calling people. Nowadays, people have become extremely modern and innovative with technology. Take the example of Vertu. Vertu has introduced mobile phones that are carved out of sapphires and gemstones. Isn’t that crazy? The best part about Vertu mobile phones is that these phones are excellent with operations and their software, yet have a great, aesthetic appeal to them. They have introduced some insanely expensive range of phones, however, it’s okay, because these phones are not meant for everybody to use.

Here are some phones that you can see and use if you can!

1. VERTU SIGNATURE COBRA LIMITED EDITION – You cannot go wrong with this beautiful Vertu phone. The Signature Cobra Limited Edition is wrapped with a snake made of precisely 439 rubies, while the eyes are made up of emeralds. It has been made of 388 different parts and is hand-assembled in the UK. Alarmingly, there are eight units of this handset! Hence, if you wish to feel exclusive, this is the phone that you should go for! Also, do you know that it’s a feature phone?

2. VERTU ASTER DIAMOND BLACK ALLIGATOR – Another smartphone that you can spend a fortune on is the Vertu Aster Diamond Black Alligator. The name says it all — diamonds and alligator skin. Yes, you read it right. The smartphone is encrusted with 33 black diamonds and 22 white diamonds and wrapped in ‘selected’ alligator leather. This phone is priced at Rs 731,278 in INR!

3. VERTU CLOUS DE PARIS RED GOLD – This mobile phone is priced at Rs 33 lakhs in the market, and is worth a sight! Vertu Cloud De Paris Red Gold uses the special type of dial guilloche or embossing for the key towers, side cheeks and back. It uses not gold, but red gold, a Rubi Vertu key for the bling lover in you and has a polished black sapphire front and keys.

4. VERTU SIGNATURE TOUCH SKY BLUE – This phone is carved out of calf leather for a very soft and warm feeling. Polished titanium and red gold are detailing on the body, complete with a black ceramic pillow. This phone is priced at Rs 1378,562. You might as well rent your property to buy this phone.

5. VERTU SIGNATURE FOR BENTLEY – It’s okay if you cannot afford a Bentley. At least you can afford a Vertu. It includes a Ruby Vertu key as well. The feature phone with a Bentley flying B logo will cost you just 16,100 (approximately Rs 1353,345).

Vertu phones are classic when it comes to style. They have defeated the test of times and are a perfect accessory for the aristocratic people. Vertu mobiles India has the best set of Vertu mobiles in the market. You can shop Vertu phones from them!

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