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Vastu Puja- An integral part of Grah Pravesh

It is said that buying own is one of the most important aspects in each and every person’s life and as it is said that astrology is affecting each and every aspect of your life and due to which it can be proved that astrology is having the capability in order to solve your each and every problem of your life. As all people know that any cause related to construction or placement cones under the art of Vastu shastra of the astrology. Because with the help of the art of Vastu Shastra one can save themselves from different kinds of problems in their life, it is said that a house is the only place where any person can feel peaceful and safe. But, when any person starts to face different kinds of problems in the house then it can affect that person’s life negatively like that person can experience Sevier fatigue, depression, changes in nature, degradation in health and due to this reason people give high importance to this art of Vastu Shastra.

As per the new house before the process of Vastu Shastra, one other auspicious process is carried out which is well known as the process of Grah Pravesh. This process of Grah Pravesh is done before entering the new house this process plays an equal role as the festival in each and every person’s life. The word of Grah Pravesh is the combination of two different words which are Grah and another one is Pravesh and these words are belonging to the Sanskrit Language in which Grah means house and Pravesh means entrance and thus Grah Pravesh means the process of the house entrance. In this process of Grah Pravesh, there are numerous works to do out which in order to provide you some tips are provided below –

Before the ceremony

  • It is said that before any kind of auspicious festival in the house should be washed and this whole festival is already for the house and due to this washing house is the must.
  • As, this is a whole astrological factor and it is a religious factor and due to this, it is obvious that there would be idols of gods and all that ideal should be compulsorily put on the East direction which is considered as best for any auspicious activity.
  • It is said that in order to this process of Grah Pravesh the house should be completely ready like the furniture of house should be fixed color of the house should be dry, etc.

During the ceremony

  • According to these ancient scriptures, it is said that in this ceremony of Grah Pravesh one should enter with its right foot only because, it is considered as more important.
  • It is said that each and everything in the house should be steady in this whole time of the process.

After the ceremony

  • According to ancient scriptures after completion of this process house should be filled by the members for at least 3 days.

With the following, you can make this auspicious occasion more auspicious. It is said that only this occasion of Grah Pravesh is not efficient in order to more accurate and effective results one need to take the service of Vastu Puja and Vastu shanty. Both of these processes are having great importance in this field of Vedic astrology in order to save your house different problems of this world or you can also call it as the shield is provided to you in order to save yourself from a different kind of negativity out of your house. According to the ancient belief, it is said that in order to keep your house happy and problem-free then you need to maintain the balance between all 5 elements of nature which are as follows – The Sun, The Earth, The Fire, The Water, and The Air. It is said that this whole world is made of all these five elements and if you manage to make them balance then you are able to do anything. And in order to help you to make all five elements of nature equal, this Vastu Puja is useful.

It is necessary to perform Vastu Puja:

  • This Puja is said to be a must if the property or house is second-hand.
  • This process is said to be very important if the property or the house is being renovated or any kind of changes is made to it.

So, this was some basic information which you will need in order to know the importance of Grah Pravesh and by if you are need of any kind of astrological aid regarding any problem of your life then you can surely contact to Famous Astrologer in Surat because according to survey of people of the year 2021 he is the only astrologer who can solve your problem of life.