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Top 15 Mobile App Blogs You Must Follow in 2021

Initially, the introduction of apps was for productivity assistance, but the rapid growth of app became a crucial factor for business development. Hence, businesses consider the mobile application and convert website to the app as in the modern era of technology; business dynamics are swiftly changing.

According to statistics, 80% of consumers use the mobile application are easy to browse. For a responsive and successful business, the website is no longer the solution, and hence companies approach mobile applications as they are leading the world. But the problem arises that every mobile application is not easy to access; similarly, it’s not a daunting activity for a developer to design and develop a mobile application. It is a time-taken process that takes several years for brainstorming the concept and idea and further years to create an appealing and well-constructed mobile application to present in the market.

As the competition is at the sky to standout in the competition, developers have to keeps focused on the latest trends and technical updates in the developing industry. To resolve this any other query, mobile app blogs provide tabs on the latest trends and deliver essential information about technicalities. Just search for the right blog that can help you to solve your issue. Here is the list of top 15 mobile applications blogs that shouldn’t miss in 2021 to be up-to-date.

Top Mobile App Blogs You Must Follow in 2021

1. The Verge: Great Tech Blog

The Verge is a multimedia effort website launched in 2011 with Vox Media partnership that examines and explains the latest technology. It also highlights the impact of technology on an individual’s life for the better insight of the audience. 

The Verge is considered a top-notch mobile app blog from the mobile app development service. It provides detailed reviews of the latest technology, emphasizing features and discussions to serve the potential audience and businesses better to help them while making decisions. Moreover, the Verge has a great team of live bloggers for important events like iPhone launches and other major tech events to provide them with the latest updates and developments in the mobile application world.

2. Engadget: All Rounder

Engadget is a multilingual technology blog network providing complete research and coverage about electronic devices and gadgets. Engadget has to hold on approx 1o blogs-out of them, four are written in English language and the remaining six in international versions with independent editorial staff. 

The mobile app development service believes that Engadget is an all-rounder mobile app blog as it provides a great range of demonstrations, a preview of reviews of the latest mobile apps. Moreover, it allows access to contextualize the app using Engadget.

3. LifeHacker: App World

Lifehacker is the best blog network that makes the life of tech lover and developer easier and straightforward; they pass several tests and then provide a comprehensive view of a mobile application for a better user experience. It gives more profound knowledge of how to operate apps to enhance the level of productivity in day to day life.

4. Mashable: Blogs for All Things Tech

Mashable is known for a mixture of everything; it is the right choice for an individual who wants to seek information about every aspect. It provides news and information on every possible factor for the industry, general features of mobile application, reviews, application line ups, etc. Its is the best blog that shows different experience to customers.

5. Flurry: The Number Game

Flurry is all about the number game; to know any update about mobile application statistics is the right choice. It delivers the latest released statistics of mobile applications. Moreover, their detailed summaries and report are exceptionally well worded.

6. AppAdvice: Latest Data on Applications

Appadvice is the blog network that offers a wide range of the latest applications available on its site. The best feature of Appadvice is you can avail the latest information on your phone, tablet, TV or gaming apps. Moreover, it offers top apps and reviews for a better user experience and a guide about free apps that you can avail of or share. 

7. Yapp: For Premier Communication Technology

Yapp is a mobile app blog that provides a communication system and lets users articulate their thoughts and opinions about mobile content. It is the best blog site that provides knowledge about trending and popular applications to showcasing and reimagines the app world, however with different functionalities; it’s an unusual blog.

8. The Next Web: Global Tech Perspective

The Next Web is a mobile app blog with the most prominent online publication. It is entirely loyal and faithful to tech perception on IT, culture, and business and mobile. TNW has a vast network of 51 million visits in a month and 7 million monthly page views. The best part about this global tech viewpoint is that the public can express and communicate their thoughts and perspective in tech for a better experience and lower risk of misunderstanding.

9. TechCrunch Mobile: Profiling New Tech Products

TechCrunch is one of the best mobile app blogs that offer the profile of new and latest products. They promote emerging and existing web technologies; they also adopt recent trends and leverage technology for better work productivity and efficiency.

10. Automobile: Delivers Breaking Tech News

Automobiles are well-known for delivering the latest breaking news, reports, information and mobile phone analysis; it is the best site for tech opt consumers and professionals to keep a keen eye on the updates. 

11. Google Mobile Blog: Searching for Tech Answers Made Easy

Google mobile blog is the mobile app blog that provides official news and updates from search engine results Google. This is one of the top-notch blogs that deliver quality information and suggestions that are beneficial for business.

12. Mobile News Online-Leading Mobile Industry Source

Mobile new online is a UK-based mobile app blog that covers the latest news and views in the firm, with a significant spotlight on a social measure of technology applications for mobile.

13. Textually: Entry Point for Tech Weblogs

This blog is the entry point for four particular weblogs that put light on all aspects of a mobile phone and its content, from drawing attention to text messages to tracking cellphone utilization. Moreover, it emphasizes technology’s sociological and psychological impact; however, it is a blog for users who want to seek tech with a different perspective. 

14. WebsiteValley Blog

This mobile app blog’s main objective is to highlight mobile media lifestyle by providing coverage on the latest mobile app trends in development and design and offers a vast knowledge of ideas and opinions regarding mobile. Mobile app development services recommend this blog to those who want deeper dive into the portable media world and community.

15. Techdirt Wireless: Uncommon Insight

One of the leading mobile app blogs provides vast insights into news stories marking change in the administration policy, legal and technological problems that affect the company or any firm to develop and grow. This mobile app blog has been rewarded by many awards from a foremost publication like Forbes.


According to mobile app development, there are several sites to provide help and knowledge for developers. But it would help if you are focused on finding the best site that suits your applications and your needs. 

There are different categories of mobile app blog, which have massive potential for the customer and the developer. Mobile app blog offers access to resources for efficient development of a mobile application, promotion and usage.