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Top 10 Exercises to Remain Pain-Free

In today’s busy world, many of us have a hard time finding time for things we look forward to doing, never mind exercise. What many of us don’t consider, however, is that exercise can be one of the best ways to be proactive against pain. While pain relief pills, like tapentadol, can give the best results for immediate pain, you can fight pain before it starts with these top 10 exercises to remain pain-free!

Best Exercises to Prevent Pain

Even if we may not want to make time for it, exercise and stretching are some of the best ways to prevent pain before it starts. Since we know it’s hard to find time to exercise in all of our busy lives, we made sure all the exercises on our top 10 exercises to remain pain-free list are not just easy, but fast and simple enough that you can do them during your coffee break or when you get home from work!

Leg Stretches

Instructions: Sit down straight with your legs in a “V” position. With your left arm, try to reach your left toes. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Next, try to reach your right toes with your left hand. Repeat as needed.

Neck Roll

Instructions: With your neck muscles relaxed, very slowly start rotating your head in a clockwise position. This should cause a gentle stretching along your neck. When finished, repeat it counter-clockwise until you feel a nice, relaxing stretch.

Arm Raises

Instructions: Put your right arm up in the air (like a child asking a question). Stretch your arm in the air as high as it will go and then slowly move it down to the side of your body, keeping it straight. If done correctly, you will do a half-circle with your hand. Repeat on both sides.

Singe Calf Raise

Instructions: Hold onto a chair and support yourself against a wall. With some pressure against the wall, lift your right leg up, with your chin parallel to the ground. Slowly move your ankles and toes, making sure to support yourself on the chair so you don’t fall. This should result in a gentle stretch in your knees and calf.

Modified Hurdlers’ Stretch

Instructions: While you are sitting down, extend one leg straight and do not lock the knee. Place the bottom of the other foot against that knee (your legs should end up looking somewhat like a ‘4’). Make sure to keep your shoulders, hips, and back straight before slowly lowering your head and torso toward your straightened leg. Hold for 6-8 seconds and repeat two to three times on each side to stretch the inner thighs.

Finger Stretches

Instructions: If you are in a hurry and having finger pain, this is one of the simplest and best stretches. Move your hand into a fist and then open it, stretching your fingers as far as they can go naturally. Close your fingers into a fist again to relax. Repeat as long as needed.

Join Fingers

Instructions: Join your fingers together and position your palms almost, but not quite against one another. Now, very gently squeeze your fingers to simultaneously massage and stretch those joints.

Wrist Rotations

Instructions: Close your hand into a fist, then rotate it to where your thumb is facing the ceiling. Now, alternately turn your wrist clockwise and then counter-clockwise for a minute, or until you feel a gentle stretch in your wrist and lower arm muscles.

Finger Dance

Instructions: This is probably one of the easiest exercises to help people who type most of the day. Remember when you tried acting like a ghost as a kid? Wiggle all your fingers and do this for about a minute, moving each one up and down until you feel a nice stretch.


Instructions: This may seem simple but even a five or ten-minute walk can help prevent or reduce lower back pain and leg cramps. By stretching your legs and back, you can not only make your body feel great but help clear your mind to make yourself more productive at work as well!

Natural Pain Relief Solutions

While exercise can do wonders for reducing many aches and pains, it, unfortunately, isn’t always the right answer. No matter how proactive you are, you will have to deal with pain at some point in your life, anything from an annoying headache to arthritis. But, We are suggesting that you can go with Nucynta yes it is the best medicine for pain. You can buy nucynta online from any online pharmacy and it is easily available in this pandemic time.