Teeth whitening options

The aesthetics of your teeth and smile affects your level of self-confidence. Having badly-shaped or discoloured teeth may cause you to smile less in a bid to hide your teeth and smiling often has several advantages, including making a positive first impression.

Your teeth can become discoloured at any time, unknowing to you, so it is important to see a dental hygienist near me for regular professional dental cleanings. The natural ageing process tends to change the colour of the teeth. Some people like smokers and those who take coffee often also experience teeth discolouration over time.

Although teeth discolouration is inevitable, you can keep your teeth looking white by opting for any available teeth whitening options. With these three teeth whitening solutions, you can have the pearly whites you desire and be free to show off your beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening toothpaste

Toothpaste contains mild abrasives which help in surface stain removal, so it is important to brush at least two times every day. Some kinds of toothpaste are specifically for teeth whitening purposes. They contain chemicals and polishing agents which remove stains and brighten the shade of the teeth.

Bear in mind that whitening toothpaste does not change the teeth’ colour, but only remove teeth surface stains. It will take a couple of weeks to see the effect of teeth whitening toothpaste, and you have to stop certain habits like smoking which discolours the teeth. Before you use any whitening toothpaste, ensure you check for a seal of approval.

Teeth whitening strips and gels

Teeth whitening strips and gels contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, a whitening agent also used for professional teeth whitening. They are available over-the-counter, so you can easily get them.

You can apply a teeth whitening gel directly on the teeth with a small toothbrush. Whitening gels usually have instruction for use, depending on the amount of peroxide they contain, so ensure you adhere to the instruction if you want the gel to be effective. It takes a few days to see the effect of teeth whitening gels, and the result can last for about four months.

Teeth whitening strips are similar to the gels, but the strips are covered with a peroxide gel. Whitening the teeth with the whitening strips requires placing the strip on the teeth two times every day for about 30 seconds, over two weeks. You will see the result of teeth whitening strips after a couple of days, and the effect can also last for about four months.

Teeth bleaching

Teeth bleaching is the most effective dental whitening procedure. Teeth bleaching is a professional dental procedure which involves a dentist applying a gel containing stronger bleaching agents than OTC teeth whitening products on the teeth. This gives a faster and more effective result.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening agents contain about 10 – 22% carbamide peroxide which equals about 3% hydrogen peroxide, while professional teeth whitening uses about 10 – 43% hydrogen peroxide. During a professional teeth whitening, the dentist will protect your gums and the rest of your mouth to prevent damage from the bleaching agent.

Most dentists use whitening gels with buffer, which helps protect the enamel. You can get professional teeth whitening in-office, or use a home teeth whitening kit prescribed by a dentist.

In-office teeth bleaching lasts for about 30 -60 minutes, and you can see the result immediately. If you want to whiten your teeth by several shades, you may need several teeth whitening sessions. The result of teeth bleaching can last for about a year, unlike other teeth whitening options. However, you may need to make certain lifestyle changes like limiting your coffee intake for the result of the whitening to last long.

Although you can get over-the-counter products to whiten your teeth and make your smile beautiful, teeth bleaching is the safest and most effective teeth whitening treatment.

To remove teeth discolouration and improve the aesthetics of your smile, contact Dental Hygienist Londonon 020 3137 5055 to book an appointment for your professional teeth whitening.

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