Sleep disorders behind erectile dysfunction

Sleep is the third pillar of health after diet and exercises. Medical researchers are increasingly releasing the importance of sleep in health and its role in erectile health of a male. It has been found that any sleep disorder contributes to the health issue and complicates the treatment.

Health experts are diagnosing the sleep disorders, their role in erectile dysfunction in males and providing overall treatment that also includes dealing with sleep disorders. These disorders comprise lack of sleep due to shift work, insomnia, restless legs, obstructive sleep apnea, etc. lack of sleep also contributes to stress, anxiety and mental disturbance which are proved causes behind erectile difficulties in males. Let us study how sleep disorders cause erection problems and get into details into some tested treatment methods.

Sleep disorders and their impact on erection process

A good sleep is an essential part of well being of physical and emotional health.  It relaxes body and mind and helps the body to recuperate itself from the stress of the previous day. Without relaxation in body and mind, the coordination of both cannot occur which is essential for a smooth erection process.

With sleep deprivation, the libido levels also decline due to emotional distraught and restless mind, which fail to relax the body for a smooth erection. The increasing stress levels in sleep deprived people contribute to the cause of erectile dysfunction. The problem is that even with Generic Levitra 40 mg, a higher dose doctors suggest for overcoming erection, cannot work, as the mind has to participate in the erection process. The mind triggers the thought that causes the central nervous system to release blood flow towards the pelvic area. To get an erection, the stimulation is a necessary pre requirement, which happens only when the mind is relaxed.

The problem gets worse when a person tries to sleep, but cannot sleep and couples have to sleep in separate rooms to not disturb the partner. It further leads to loss of intimacy between couples, which adversely affect the erection process.  Professor of university of California recognized the link between sleep deprivation and low libido.  The problem is worse because not even the medical experts diagnose sleep and quality of sleep in males with erectile dysfunction.

Sleep apnea behind erectile difficulties

Males with sleep apnea often face erection issues. This became evident when oxygen levels improved in such patients and they showed improvement in erection.  Obstructive sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder in which a person snores loudly. It happens when there is reduced and partial collapse of air due to blockage caused by the upper airway. At this the patient tries to reopen the passage for air, which leads to brief arousal. The patient is not aware of this arousal. It also creates cardiovascular problems. The inability of arteries to function smoothly without oxygen and blood flow directly impacts the erection process.

A male with sleep apnea cannot get the right amount of oxygen at night, or cannot breathe normally at night. It causes various health issues, which are at the base of erectile problems.

General health levels along with sleep diagnoses is the cure

A medical doctor examines the general health level and sleep pattern to come to the right conclusion regarding the treatment.  The permanent treatment for sleep deprivation and its erection relations is curing the root of sleep disturbance. If a man has good health and gets an erection with Sildenafil citrate 150 mg,doctors prescribe for higher erection resistance, then it can be safely said that erectile issue is only due to sleep disorder.  Curing sleep problems is enough to get back the erection process.

The counseling services from the psychologist will also help a male to deal with emotional issues behind sleep disorder. The counseling sessions are basically talk therapy designed to let a man express his hidden fears and worries. The cognitive behavior therapy, which is part of the counseling sessions, enables the patient to deal with emotional issues with changed response.  The same issues no longer caused emotional disturbance they used to produce. In many cases, the counseling sessions will be enough to cure the erectile dysfunction.

Conclusion Lack of sound sleep causes emotional and mental disturbance which affect the erection process. It has been established through various studies and medical observations. Before going for medical treatment of erectile dysfunction, the male should check the sleep states and other related issues.

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