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Rowing Machines and What You Get Out of Them

Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

When you get to know about the benefits of the rowing machine, you cannot help but add it to your regime. It has low impact and a great cardio exercise that can also boost muscle strength. Read on to know more about the benefits of using a rowing machine:

Ideal for Burning Calories

If you want to burn calories effectively, getting to the rowing machine is the best place to start. On average, a person burns about 600 calories if he works out on a rowing machine for an hour. This is a lot more than on a treadmill or exercise bike. Rowing is a great body workout. It works the arms and torso along with the legs. That’s why this makes it a great exercise for those who want to lose weight.

Whole-Body Workout

One must follow a balanced routine. See that when you work out, each of the areas is used equally. Do not concentrate on one area more than the other or at the expense of the other. And to ensure that happens, rowing is an effective activity.

Rowing is ideal for arms, legs, and torso. When you work out on the rowing machine, you shall build-up both strength and muscle endurance in all of these areas equally.

Improved Posture

Once you get the hang of it and learn how to row properly, you would see a significant improvement in your posture. When you keep your back straight and work the muscles of the top of your shoulders, it shall improve your posture. This will make you look taller and even add definition to shoulders, upper back, and lower back.

Great Cardio Workout

Working out vigorously on the rowing machine, whether you are home or at the gym happens to be a key component of any cardiovascular exercise regime. Since it works the whole body, hitting the rowing machine is ideal for increasing your oxygen intake and raising your heart rate. As a result, you shall improve your general cardiac health as well as stamina.

Great for Burning Fat

Hormonal issues can make fat accumulate across the upper back. Rowing particularly works hard on your upper back. It is a great way to reduce fat as it works wonderfully on the muscles present across your upper back. Along with this, rowing works great for burning unwanted fat from the rest of the body that includes your belly, chest, glutes, and legs.

It is a Low Impact Exercise

Whether you run on the road or a treadmill, it puts stress on the joints that include your knees and ankles. As for rowing, the amount of stress is a lot less. This is because you don’t put your entire body weight through them as required in running.

This way, you get to enjoy a proper workout and that, too, without many of the drawbacks such as sore knees, sore ankles. At the same time, the low impact of nature reduces the risk of injury.

Healthy Body & Mind

Regular exercise helps with bodily and mental health. And this includes rowing. It boosts your overall mood as endorphins are released during and after exercise. Along with that, there are many long-term benefits as well. You get a good sleep that has a great impact on your mental health. As for the body, when you lose fat and get fit, the organs operate efficiently. Immunity is increased as well. So, this makes you resistant to disease. Sleeping better lets you to greater health benefits such as reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Targets Major Muscle Groups

Rowing machines target the whole body making you work out all the body parts. When you do that, it means that you are building up strength in different muscle groups at the same time. You should know that that rowing is not for boosting cardiovascular fitness only. Rather it helps in building muscle mass as well. Imagine the results you would get by rowing and using bodybuilding steroids on sale from a reputable source like Buy Steroids online. Apart from building muscle mass, it helps in sculpting and toning up the body as well.

Rowing is great for your arms, shoulders, back muscles, glutes, and hamstrings.

Ease of Use

Some equipment indeed tends to look intimidating. It is easy for anyone to get confused by the settings on a different part of the equipment and the different programs. However, it is rather easy to use rowing machines. All you have to do is set your distance and resistance.

You must use the proper technique for rowing. To get the most out of rowing, see that you keep your back straight, your core engaged, and then row in a fluid smooth motion.

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