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Portable and effective lymphedema compression pumps for legs

Lymphedema disease damages the vascular and muscle group of lower limbs. The swelling of the foot occurs due to the accumulation of blood clots in the deep portion of veins which runs through all major areas of the patient’s legs. The pooling of blood causes leakage of lymph fluid into thin muscles of ankles that results in the formation of blisters. To prevent these chronic lower limbs, infection doctors, recommend trying lymphedema compression pumps for legs.

The compression pump treating lymphedema is slowly becoming a trend among those people who demand effective results with no side effects. Many finest lymphedema pumps are comprised of amazing features to assist in treating those patients who are suffering from lower limbs inflammation issues. Before jumping to the top best portable pneumatic gears list, the answer to the most asked question is here which revolves around the basic function of a compression pump for treating lymphedema.

How do lymphedema compression pumps for legs work?

The compression garments work in a specific pattern by applying strong pressure on the lower limbs walls to increase blood circulation velocity and prevent fluid buildup. This process helps to heal swollen ankles and reduces pain to provide comfort for the user. The lymphedema compression pumps for legs are made with three major components; an inflated garment, series of tubes, and a compression pump comprised of a rechargeable battery.

The fabric sleeve wraps around the swollen leg and after switching on the device; the wrapped garment with air chambers starts to inflate and deflate which helps to create a massaging effect forcing the lymphatic fluid to flow in the required directions. This air pumping procedure allows the heart to work at its best level and assists the body in cleaning toxic waste from the ankle and foot region.

The lymphedema pump can work in different styles and every compression device has some unique elements which differentiate them from others. The main difference comes with the pressure applying technique and pressure level. There are two basic categories of pneumatic compression pumps; segmented and non-segmented. The pressure range starts from 15mmHg to 40mmHg but the best devices deliver firm force on the lower limbs with 30 to 40 mmHg degrees.

Here are some of the best compression pumps available online to treat lymphedema with excellent features.

Top best portable lymphedema compression pumps for legs

  1. Bio-Compression Systems

This machine helps to offer innovative and effective treatment of lymphedema by generating smooth air pressure on the foot, ankle, and calf muscles. Bio-Compression Systems treats other infections including lipedema, wound care, and venous insufficiency. Bio-Compression Systems lymphedema compression pumps for legs come with 4 to 16 high standard sleeves to cover both legs or a single lower limb with the best quick connect system.

Bio-Compression Systems top features are:

  • Moves airflow from distal to proximal.
  • Light design with a slim model and user-friendly interface.
  • The baffle system helps to move air from one chamber to another in a smooth pattern.
  • The cycle time is around 1minute and 30 sec.
  • The pressure range is between 20 to 80 mmHg which can be adjusted by the user.
  • Made to provide the highest standard of functions and prevent lymphedema in its early stages.
  • NormaTec

The cutting-edge compression pump for treating lymphedema is used by the majority of American citizens. NormaTec has a dynamic air compression system to perform healthy massage by increasing blood circulation and providing a refreshing feeling to the patient. NormaTec is composed of a color display panel with a Bluetooth connection for fast compression therapy operations and custom leg sleeves with precise pressure generating sequence.

NormaTec features include:

  • Custom pressure and zone settings.
  • Integrated internal tube fitting.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Helps to treat lower limbs ulcers, lymphedema, and chronic wounds.
  • The pressure range is between 30 to 100 mmHg which can be changed from Level 1 to 7.
  • Time adjustment with sessions between 5 to 55 minutes of usage.
  • Medshoola lymphedema pump

The Medshoola medical gear is considered among the top best lymphedema compression pumps for legs. Medshoola compression pump is designed with the best experts to provide the best experience for the user. The compression device is made with moist-wicking fabric and distinct air chambers that help to plug the sleeve into a programmable system within seconds. The sequential segmented compression design is a next-generation model with a hundred percent satisfaction for users.

The main features of the Medshoola lymphedema pump are:

  • Enhances blood flow with firm 30-40mmHg pressure level.
  • Eliminates ankle soreness and brings oxygen to all parts of the body with the best pumping machine.
  • FAA-approved battery.
  • Portable, lightweight, and medically proven by U.S.A expert orthopedics and podiatrists.
  • Medshoola sleeves will not unzip accidentally when the user switches on the device.
  • 4 independent air chambers to boost lymph flow and prevent lymphedema.
  • Works best for DVT/PE patients and athletes with ankle injuries can also use Medshoola compression pump.

Medshoola lymphedema compression pumps for legs including socks and stockings can be purchased from the preventdvtnow.com site in cost-friendly packages.