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Nine delicious sweets to open your fast on karwa Chauth

We are pretty close to having celebrations of the auspicious occasion of Karva Chauth, and all of us are keenly looking forward to celebrating this special day in our way. After all, it is a day that is dedicated to our partner. We can voice out our love towards them to the little things that we do, and no one would like to miss this opportunity wherein they can shower all their love upon their partner since your wife would be expressing her love to you by fasting throughout the day and opening it only once she gets a sight of the moon and you together, you too shall buy cake online or birthday cake for wife and make this Karva Chauth celebration extra delightful for her along with other delightsome cake so that your wife can open her fast along with a scrumptious delight. Given below are nine delicious cake flavours for a wholesome celebration. 

Chocolate cake

Bless your wife with an opportunity to feast on the delicious chocolate cake after spending an entire day without a sip of water. Your wife will surely be delighted to break her fast with this savoury delight. After all, chocolate is loved by all, and the combination of chocolate with cake would make it more delightful for your wife, who did not eat anything throughout the day. 

Black Forest cake

Bring a delicious black forest cake to add more taste to your celebrations; sweeten up your taste buds with the Luscious taste of this creamy Black Forest cake which is fluffy and moist in its texture. The mouth-watering delight is lavishly garnished with chocolate syrup, fresh cherries and whipped cream, which are jaw-droppingly gorgeous and tempting to eat. 

Photo love truffle cake

Now that your wife has spent the entire day without eating a bite of food and avoiding sipping water, you must reciprocate her love and make her feel adored for the love that she showered upon you. You can get a photo love truffle cake and Amaze her with a lovely cake that has a photo of you and dearie together. The best part is you need not step out of the house; you can get it delivered through same day cake delivery to your doorstep. 

Almond cakes

Get a crispy and tasty almond cake for your wife. This cake would be loaded with cream and Almonds to give the taste of crunch and sweetness at its first bite. Your wife is undoubtedly gonna love it for the delightsome taste that it will give to her taste buds. Besides this, it would also be unique for her to eat almond cake as it would be a new addition to the cake flavours she would have come across. 

Pineapple cake

If you are not sure about which cake to get for your wife and if you want to play it safe so that the celebration of Karva Chauth does not get spoilt due to any reason, you can go ahead with buying the ever favourite pineapple flavour cake because the pineapple flavour is the usually in demand and is liked by all. 

Vanilla cake

Another ever favourite cake flavour is vanilla cake. Whether you want the sugar free cake or an eggless cake, you can always bid your money on the tasty and flavoursome vanilla cake for bringing more joy to your celebrations. you can also accompany it along with some gifts such as flowers and teddy bears or another gift that you would like to purchase for your wife 

Fondant love cake

Instead of purchasing the traditional sweets for breaking fast of Karva Chauth, you can make a different choice this year and choose a cake instead of the sweets. To make it more special for your wife, choose a fondant cake and express your love to her through this scrumptious delight which you choose mainly for her. 

Kitkat gems cake

Amaze your wife with unique cake flavours that have her favourite crispy and crunchy chocolate KitKat along with colourful gems. Your wife will surely love it. Besides that, the little kids in your family would love it too. Everyone can munch on this particular cake and have a little feast on the occasion of Karva Chauth. 

Lovely strawberry cake

Speak your heart to the queen of your heart by getting a special heart-shaped love strawberry cake for her. Strawberries are liked by all. These are some of the most popular cake flavours or birthday cake for husband demanded across various occasions. You, too, can get a tasty strawberry cake loaded with cream for your wife; you may choose a special heart-shaped cake to make it extra romantic for your wife. 

Buy them soon! 

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