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Moving to Your New Home – How to Speed up the Process?

The joy of moving can be delightful, however, the process involved can also get super exhausting and frustrating. After you have finally gone through the hassle and formalities that are required to sell your property fast, you now have to look forward to moving to your new home and learning how to do it. Moving can surely be a time-consuming process but there are tips and tricks you can follow to get the job done fast!

Lucky for you this article will go over all you need to speed up your moving process. Follow these simple ways during the course of shifting and we bet moving will be a breeze for you and your family. 

Pack early 

The first thing we would recommend you to do is to have most of your belongings packed before the big move. While it may be true to an extent that the timing of packing does not really matter as long as everything is ready to go by moving day, it can also create a hassle. Packing beforehand gives you loads of time to sort through your belongings and allows you to get rid of excess stuff that might not need or use anymore. Packing lesser stuff would mean you will have to move lesser things too. It is best that you invest your time in this before you actually get to move as it will save you a lot of time and stress.

Stay organized 

Systematically packing everything can improve efficiency when packing on the big day. Make sure you have everything organized and placed in boxes as per each room, don’t forget to label them as you go. You don’t want to lose track in between of your stuff, so a good idea is to either label them with the things inside OR draw a number on the box and keep a list separately as you mention the belongings inside each numbered box. You could even take pictures of all that goes into each box. The more you organize beforehand the more you can save up on time in terms of sorting through the boxes in your new home. 

Staying organized not only keeps you ahead of time but is extremely important for any information that is necessary and related to the move directly. For instance, your new home address information, contacts, moving truck reservation, and more must all be kept in a safe accessible place. 


While it is always a good idea to stay one step ahead you must remember to not overdo or overthink the process. Sure organizing comes with being methodical and saves you from the hassle, but spending too much of your time and energy may overcomplicate things, overburden you, and may just be unnecessary. In the end, you may end up spending more time than you anticipated on saving for later. You do not have to be finicky about the process, just focus on moving one place to another and you should be good to go.


Pack the things that mean the most to you incredibly well. Whether it may be something meaningful or valuable ensure it is packed appropriately, so it does not damage the moving process. However, while you are packing notice are you spending too much time on packing items that may not even require it? For instance, is it absolutely necessary to have every item of clothing neatly packed away, or can’t you just throw them in bags and have them emptied at the new place? This will save your time and effort for the stuff that needs it the most. You could choose to pack your important stuff away first and then move on to your other belongings or vice versa.

Ask for assistance

Don’t be shy to ask somebody for assistance. You can ask your friends, family members or even hire professional moving services to come to help you with the moving process. Having to do everything on your own is not only a hassle but can also leave you overburdened, a smart idea is to always involve a helping hand instead. The more people you have the faster you can shift your boxes to the new place. Don’t forget to treat your helpers with some pizza at the end as a good gesture!

Move stuff early 

Does your lease begin prior to your move? If so, then start moving your stuff beforehand. Taking the load off by shifting even a few suitcases and boxes can be really helpful for you and would mean moving one less item on moving day. This is where packing before time can come in handy, since you will already have a lot of your stuff already packaged and labeled, you will be more willing to transport them ASAP.

Pack the truck strategically 

As you load the truck, the thumb rule is to pack the heavy things first, which includes your furniture and hefty pieces of equipment. Follow up by placing bags and boxes, stacking them as per the size and weight so you can get all (or maximum) of them in the first round. Anything packed in trash bags can fit in the corners left by the boxes. This will maximize efficiency and make the most out of your space.
 Keep these few tips and tricks in mind the next time you are moving to a new place, and we bet you will be done in no time!

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