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List of home grown plants that are ideal for aeroponics system

Plants out in the thin air? Well, as impossible as it sounds, You can say that it is an environmentally friendly approach to grow food. Yes, there are plants that can survive even when their roots are left naked in the air. Why would someone do that to plants, you may ask? 

I know it sounds a little peculiar to take such a complicated way to grow plants but with the advantages you get with aeroponics, you will want to skip the regular gardening. Well, when you can use the empty space above your head and clear out your floors, why would someone not opt for it? Well, with aeroponics, you can hang plants in the air wherever they wish to and these plants will not crowd your floor. This way, you can still enjoy all the benefits of plants without struggling with the space to move around. Another very clear advantage is that they use less water than soil gardening. 

So, next time you wish to buy indoor plants online, look out for aeroponics. 

How does an aeroponics system work?

Despite the fact that the ideas of aeroponics aren’t too new,  a very useful strategy for indoor planting especially for the people who have limited spacing, it is not a very commonly practiced way. Hydroponics still stand out enough to be noticed more, and the vast majority know about developing indoor plants in a water arrangement rather than soil. Aeroponics makes indoor panting stride further. Plants are suspended with their roots exposed into the air, and the source of nutrients for these plants is the occasional misting. Yes, the plants survive on very little misting and air

Now, have a look at plants that can be grown with this system. 


First on the list is a plant that you all must be familiar with – mint. Mint is a strong scented plant that is often found in gardens and pots as it has a wide number of uses. Used in foods and beverages, this plant is good for us in many ways, hence, having them in your garden is a must especially in the summer season. What if you don’t have to run to your garden whenever you want to pluck fresh mint for use. This mint plant is totally eligible for an aeroponic system. Actually, leafy herbs are the ideal kinds of plants to develop aeroponically as they bear no fruits or blossoms. Another reason to grow small leaves like mint and basil is that this technique guarantees a better fragrance. Your water that you will spray should have a higher nitrogen level to ensure appropriate development of the plant, and the pH ought to be marginally acidic.


One notable thing about strawberries is that they will be put out to reproduce and grow new plants. These are incredible if you need to add more plants to your space, however it also means that there will be less fruit because the plant is putting too much nutrition on the runners. A nutritious solution is fine when your plants are first growing yet once the flowers are out. After that, prepare a solution that is lower in nitrogen and higher in potassium to help the fruit creation. 


Another organic vegetable that is perfect for aeroponics is the tomato, and you don’t really need to stick to the little cherry tomato species for this. A decent aeroponics method can uphold a bigger variety of tomatoes if you check them out frequently. Very much like with strawberries, you’ll need to screen your manure and change the blend once your plants have developed enough and started to bloom and give out fruit.

Mustard plant’

mustard is another ingredient that is commonly used in foods especially in indian cuisines. Well, why not, with the health benefits that mustard contains, it is ideal to use it in food in any form. Well, now you have another reason to use mustard, it can be grown with an aeroponic method. The plant loves cooler weather, so, keep in mind the weather of your place before growing mustard plants, or adjust the room temperature if you can. The plant gets ready for harvest in about a month, provided it gets proper nutrition like sulphur, potassium, nitrogen. 

These are some plants that you can grow with the aeroponic system in your indoors as well outdoor space.