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Kheerganga Trek: A Mesmerizing Experience

Imagine a plate of white sauce pasta, a bowl of sweet corn soup and a free jacuzzi – all at a stature of 3000 meters. Add to it a move through the magnetic dark green mountains alongside the booming Parvati stream. Arrive at the top and end up in the house of Shiva. Truly, I am discussing the scandalous hash land and a land brimming with entrancing entries to view – Kheerganga trek. In my endeavor to investigate the shame and the brilliance, I went out on the town with these slopes and let my camera talk. Look down while I spill the murmurs.

Traveling Routes To Kheerganga 

Kheer Ganga is around 9-10 kilometers from Barshaini which can be canvassed in three unique manners. Here are the courses and ways from which you can choose the most appropriate one. 

Through Nakthan Village 

The best and the simplest course to arrive at Kheer Ganga is to arrive at Barshaini and take the left and abandon the extension which goes to the Nakthan Village. This is the most favored course as it is the briefest one and requires just 3-4 hours to arrive at KheerGanga on normal traveling speed. While on this course, you will observe the immaculate Parvati River on the left half of the trip. As this is the most mainstream highway, one can never get lost here as a large portion of the adventurers decide on this journey. 

Through Kalga Village 

In the wake of arriving at Barshaini, stroll to the extension and take a correct go to come to the most popular Kalga Village. As the course experiences thick backwoods, it very well may be hard to keep on target so it is fitting to take an individual or a guide who is as of now acquainted with the course. A few people don’t know about this course yet on the off chance that you need to dodge the groups, at that point this fills in as the most ideal choice. 

Through Tosh village 

Another way goes from the famous Tosh Village which joins the first course close to Nakthan Village. This course is generally picked by individuals who are remaining in Tosh for the evening and need to go for journeying toward the beginning of the day. You will observe the Tosh stream here that at last meets the Parvati River.

Planning and route

Despite the fact that the travel industry in Himachal is appropriately coordinated, arriving at Kheerganga isn’t so natural and that is definitely why it needs legitimate arranging and emphasis. The whole excursion can be broken into two stages: 

Arriving at Bhuntar: Nearest railhead, Pathankot is 150 km. We propose Delhi-Chandigarh-Mandi-Bhuntar by street. Ordinary transport administrations run from Delhi post 6 pm. 

Arriving at Barshaini: Though available by neighborhood transport from Bhuntar, private taxi costing INR 900 – 1,000, is additionally an alternative. In the event that you have time, evade a taxi. Take a transport from Bhuntar to Manikaran (36 km in 90) and from Manikaran to Barshani (18 km quickly). Last transport from Barshaini to Bhuntar is at 5:00 pm. A shared taxi from Manikaran can be useful on the off chance that you are tight on time. They ordinarily charge INR 75 – INR 100 for each individual. 

From Barshaini – the base to Rudra Nag, Kalga and Pulga, pick from two courses: 

Rudra Nag (13 km): It’s a lofty ascension, bound with shocking perspectives; ideal for photography lovers and simpler to plunge. 

Kalga (17 km): Easy move with longer plummets, appropriate for periodic travelers and those low on endurance. Not a decent choice for picture takers searching for amazing scenes.

Things to keep in mind

Remember following things in the event that you need to have an astonishing trip to Kheer Ganga and stay away from all the pointless issue: 

There are no ATMs after Kasol. Thus, apportion money before you start the journey. There is a chance that ATMs in Kasol might be out of money. Ensure you have a back-up. 

Remember to check the climate in Kheer Ganga prior to starting your excursion. The path of Kheer Ganga is inclined to avalanches. Along these lines, abstain from being there during weighty rainfalls. 

The journey begins from Bharshaini which can be reached by transport or a shared taxi. Nonetheless, it would be difficult for you to locate any promptly toward the beginning of the day.