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Is it Better to Sleep on a Hard or Soft Mattress?

Sound and proper sleep play a vital role in our lives. However, insomnia and sleeplessness could lead to morning tiredness, frustration, depression, physical and mental health issues. 

Why is Better Sleep Important?

Better sleep is important to gain productivity and concentration, lower weight risks, better calorie regulation, greater athletic performance, Lower risk of heart disease, enhanced cognition, more social and emotional intelligence, preventing depression, lower inflammation, and stronger immune system. Moreover, to give rise to beneficial and healthy sleeping patterns, use organic mattresses, which would help in avoiding unnecessary exposure to toxic and other chemical dyes that might prove to be harmful.

Hard Mattress Vs. Soft Mattress

There are pros and cons of both hard and soft mattresses. Let’s see which mattress is better than the other.

1.      Hard Mattress

A hard mattress is known to keep the body stiff and straight. Also, sleeping on a hard mattress keeps the spine neutral. A better flow of functions and efficient blood circulation throughout the night to give a better sleep is due to pressure on an internal system which gets reduced. 

While sleeping, the hard mattress deters from collapsing the lower back, which permits an individual to inhale more oxygen. Pillows and body pillows between the knees are the props used for supporting a body. Moreover, food also digests easily; as a person sleeps aligned and straight, then there is a greater inhalation of oxygen in the body. A hard mattress is good for health benefits, but especially if you are a person habitual of a softer and comfortable mattress, then it would take time for some people to adjust to a hard mattress.

Pros of Hard Mattress

There are several benefits of a hard mattress.

  • A hard mattress provides a natural spine position and keeps the body straight.
  • Pressure on the circulatory system of the body is reduced.
  • A hard mattress helps inhale more oxygen by preventing the collapse of the lower back.

Cons of Hard Mattress

  • It would take several days to adjust on a hard mattress for the sleepers on a soft mattress.
  • Arthritis, scoliosis and rheumatism etc., are some health conditions that would be adverse by hard mattress usage. 
  • Mostly, hard mattresses are not that firm, while finding the difference in firmness among the varieties of a hard mattress. 
  • Bodyweight could create indentations in a hard mattress.

2.      Soft Mattress

A soft mattress usually has thick and multiple layers of foam for the added comfort of a sleeper. Subsequently, a soft mattress is suitable for those having pain in joints and people who need a peaceful sleep after long-hard working hours. A soft mattress is designed to provide comfort by providing a lift-up from the unsupported areas no matter whether an individual sleeps on the fetal or side point.

 Pros of Soft Mattress

  • A soft mattress helps in dealing with joint pain, and it could reduce back pain.
  • For people sleeping on their sides, a soft mattress is the best choice.
  • To give no sacrifice to the spinal cord, people with lightweight and much slimmer could choose a medium-mattress to have a soft feel.

Cons of Soft Mattress

  • The softer mattress might feel inappropriate after several years of buying it.
  • The softer mattress is much more expensive than a hard mattress.
  • Discomfort could be caused to the two different people, keeping in mind the level of softness for them.
  • An individual might fail to have a good sleep if their spine may have been pushed from its alignment.
  • Mostly, a soft mattress is below average in its buyer satisfaction.

Which Mattress is Better? Hard Vs. Soft Mattress?

Both hard and soft mattresses have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to keep in mind the important factors that help an individual in narrowing down their choice in buying the best mattress.

The first aspect is to analyse which sleeping position a person chooses to sleep in, regardless of whether they suffer from back pain or not. Firmer mattresses would be preferred by individuals who sleep on their back or stomach, without the complaint of back pain. Moreover, people with back pain issues or side sleepers might prefer a softer mattress.

Secondly, the weight of an individual differs from person to person. An individual with heavier weight might consider firmer mattress illusionary soft and vice versa. Although, a firmer mattress could be best for a person with an average to heavy build.

Most importantly, personal preferences should not be overlooked. Instead, they need to be of utmost significance. An individual of a heavyweight might find it comfortable to sleep on a softer mattress. An individual with spine problems might feel good and take sides on a softer mattress rather than a firm mattress. The main objective is to find a comfortable, peaceful and relaxed sleep on a mattress of your choice, either a soft or firm mattress. 

Final Thoughts

A soft or hard mattress is designed keeping in mind the spinal alignment, sleeping issues, lighter or heavier weight, and sound sleep. Although it is for heavyweight and aligned spine prose, use a firm mattress and soft mattress for side sleepers. Moreover, it is not wise to blindly choose the black and white aspects of a mattress. Rather look for the cosiness and well-being of the mind or body while sleeping. Never forget to properly test out the mattress and carve the best choice out before buying a mattress.