Invisalign Treatment: What’s The Cost?

The aim of orthodontic treatment is to correct malocclusion, including crowded teeth, bite problems, and gaps between teeth to create a perfect bite and beautiful mouth appearance when it’s opened and closed respectively.

You can eat very well without stress with this treatment, and lower your chances of having any pain in the jaw joint. Do you also know that with well-aligned teeth, oral hygiene becomes easy and greatly improved?

It might interest you to know that the only nearly invisible method of teeth straightening is via Invisalign. Thanks to our innovative 3D ClinCheck technology, you can now preview your entire prescribed treatment from start to finish with each stage of teeth movement observed right before the treatment starts.

With Invisalign treatment, you have to wear a set of customised clear aligner trays that will align your teeth correctly based on the recommended plan. A period of 2 weeks is allotted for wearing a set of aligners. After that, your dentist will give you a new set and each work to move your teeth steadily to the final desired position.

The duration of your treatment may not be the same as that of other persons, as it comes down to your individual needs and how your Invisalign provider has planned it to be.

Just like every other orthodontic treatment type, Invisalign cost London depends on factors like how complex your malocclusion is and the course of treatment prescribed. In general, what adults pay for Invisalign can be compared to the price of traditional braces. Should you opt to have our Invisalign treatment at London Braces, we offer transparent pricing and finance options that make payment convenient.

So, what’s the cost of Invisalign?

It depends on what type of Invisalignis prescribed for your case. For instance, the Invisalign Express, which involves mostly slight adjustments and uses only 7 sets of aligners, and can fix malocclusion in a period of 3 months, is available for as low as £1,295.

For dental cases that aren’t so severe, Invisalign treatment will go for £2,695. Detailed treatment costs £2,995 depending on how complex it is.

Be that as it may, some cases may not require the use of Invisalign; lingual braces or traditional braces may be the best for such cases, and our specialist orthodontist also provides this treatment as well.

Invisalign is made from a uniquely designed thermoplastic of medical-grade, which contains zero BPA, and its usage is safe. This thermoplastic is very clear and extra thin and approved by the FDA. Most importantly, Invisalign has a patent under the Invisalign System.

The most innovative clear aligner around the globe is Invisalign. People who have used Invisalign are said to have experienced more comfort and convenience than they did with other braces type. There is no itching or discomfort around the gums.

For adults who need to straighten their teeth without making it obvious like in the use of braces, Invisalign Londonis the best option. Provided you discipline yourself to wear the aligners for the recommended daily hours, the comfort of taking them out to eat and clean your teeth becomes enjoyable.

Your life won’t change with the use of Invisalign as it will inconspicuously correct your bite. The price of Invisalign may be high, but it is fully beneficial in the long-term. Why not give yourself a better smile by booking for your Invisalign treatment today. It won’t only improve your appearance but discreetly treat oral concerns. At our dental practice, we offer a zero-cost Invisalign assessment. Call us for more information.

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