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Importance of Scalable Graphic Design Elements in Website

Scalability is an art which can justify the world. Just apply the rule of scalability everywhere and get the transformed notions. Scalability is about placing the thing at their right and perfect place. You can apply this rule on humans, machines, animals, plants, construction everywhere. Humans are leading entity of the universe because they are perfectly scaled especially when it comes to scalable graphic design. Machines were just iron and plastic but scalability made them most important part of the earth.

This modern world is running on the graphic designs. Whole world is interconnected with the help of internet and sharing their thoughts and products through websites. Scalable graphic design can make the websites more attractive and operatable. Scalability in the graphic design is the key to emphasis on something. This article will elaborate everything under the sun regarding scalable graphic design. It will consist of basic terms, building unit of designing and importance of scalable graphic design.

What Is Scalable Graphic Design?

In graphic designing, scalability plays a vital role. It is a measure of relative size of the graphics with respect to other elements. Other elements include everything you see on the web page. The text, images, vectors, ads, titles etc. scalable graphic design is relatively a  graphic design. This term is used when you have to adjust the elements with respect to each other. Scalable graphic design keeps the balance of the web page.

You can change your message keeping the text same, with the help of scalable graphic design. Just play with the scale of the elements and observe the interesting results. Scalable graphic design is the gateway to creativity. There is always demand for innovation and creativity in each and every field of the business. It is the best and effective solution for the optimization of the websites. You can bring the maximum output from available resources.

Basic Principles Of Scalable Graphic Design:

Before we go into the importance of scalable graphic design, it’s necessary to know basic principles of scalable graphic design. Scalable graphic design has to deal with all these elements. These are not decisive principles as there is no such definition for describing the designing principles. But these principles will cover the most aspects.


The first factor which is most responsible for the acceptance or rejection of scalable graphic design is contrast. Designers have to face the most complaints regarding the contrast of the design. It is the most prominent factor in the appearance of the website. Contrast is the measure of difference of nature of the elements. If there are no contrasts, things cannot be differentiating from each other. All the accessible designs are made possible through appropriate level of contrast.


The system of the universe is running because of the balance. Scalable graphic design is nothing but the measure of balance of everything. Each element of the design must be in balance for example the colors, images, shapes, patterns etc., should have a balance and symmetry between them. If some elements seem awkward at first glance, it means that your balance is not achieved. You have to take care of both types of balances. The symmetric and asymmetric. Symmetric balance confirms the symmetry of elements having same weight and size. Asymmetrical balance confirms the symmetry of elements having different weights and sizes.


According to a dissertation writing firm, emphasis is the principle in which you focus the desired message. Through emphasis you have to give the most important information regarding your product or offer. Scalable graphic design can reduce and induce the impact of any portion of the design. Even a small typography can alter the weightage of the page. Emphasis includes the fine printing of the portion of the page. It is a common practice to focus on something.


The next principle of the scalable graphic design is repetition. It is a great method to reinforce an idea. You can combine different elements to produce a new effect. You can repeat the colors, shapes and designs to attract the attention of the user. This is because completion of anything cannot be possible without repetition. Repetition makes the model perfect.

Applications of Scalable Graphic Design:

Scaling can affect the message and tone of the given design. Scale can create visual hierarchy among the elements of the design. You can emphasis on specific elements of the websites and force the user to look at it. Let us consider the applications of scalable graphic design in the industry.


Scalable graphic design is in practice for mobile operations since 2000. Titans of the industries adapted it to produce excellent mobile handsets and other devices. The first format used for the mobile specifications was 3GPP. This format provides the basic graphics for the mobiles. Then with the evolution of the graphics, multimedia messaging was started. This technique promoted the greeting cards, diagrams and animations. Then after further upgradation new designs, stickers, and emojis are introduced.


Scalable graphic design is very significant in print media as well. You can combine the graphics with the text to produce an independent print. The major printing companies are using scalable graphic design for developing a hard copy output. An XML based page in the printing have same results as the PDF and postscripts. This technique makes the work flow for the organizations easy and reliable. Print companies can generate dynamic documents very easily. Moreover, scalable graphic design can also change the job description formats.

Web Applications:

Scalable graphic designs have a strong impact on websites. Web based applications are very common these days. The browsers have their limitation. Developers have to face many difficulties during the developing process as well as many restrictions. Web applications can help to overcome the difficulties and produce a graphically rich interface. Scalable graphic design has made the development of web applications very easy.


Scalable graphic design is the measure of relative placement of the elements of the website. This technique has several advantages on the websites and print media. We have mentioned its basic principles and uses. We hope they are enough for necessary understanding.