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How Truckload shipping works

Truckload shipping is basically the movement of large volumes of uniform homogenous cargo, usually the amount required to fill a full intermodal or semi-trailer tank. A truckload shipping is usually a trucking business which in most cases contracts a single full truckload to a single client. These kinds of companies may also provide storage trailers and flexible parcel deliveries.

One of the many advantages of truckload shipping is that the transport of goods is made at faster transit times. This is mainly because of the increased efficiency of truck convoys. Another advantage of this type of shipment is that goods can be delivered directly from one port to another. This is possible since most truckers have access to land routes that connect various ports. These include inland, coastal and intercoastal ports. In addition, many ports are linked by land routes through bridges that link two or more ports.

Truck cargo

Truck cargo is covered in three categories according to their weight: light, medium, and heavy. Any kind of goods that can be transported via trucks are classified as light truckload freight. However, this is not the case for all goods. For instance, if you are moving goods that are classified as heavy cargo, you will need to use special trailers called truck trucks.

For instance, refrigerated products are among those which cannot be shipped via truckloads. However, it is possible for you to ship these types of products using air freight or sea shipments. Freight shipping companies can also ship refrigerated and frozen products. You can choose to transport either fully refrigerated items or partially refrigerated ones depending on your specific needs.

Types of cargo

There are two types of cargo that are classified as heavy cargo: the heavy truck and the tractor-trailer. The latter is used to carry manufactured goods, manufactured items, and finished products from one point in a country to another point in the same country. The truck has enough space to hold both these goods and also the equipment to move them. The company will not provide you with a trailer but you can rent one from the agency or you can purchase one. Renting or purchasing a trailer will depend on the type of load that you will be transporting.

The cost of transportation will depend on the company you are transiting and the mode of transportation chosen. However, renting a trailer will save money because it is cheaper than purchasing one and you will have more freedom to decide the mode of transportation that suits your shipment best. Renting a transportation trailer saves the freight transportation company the expenses of maintaining and repairing the vehicle and the salary of the driver.

Shipping Rates

To get the best freight shipping rates, it is advisable that you choose a freight company that has its own fleet rather than an independent one. If you do your homework, you will find that independent agents may charge too much for the transport of your shipment. It is best to choose a company with its own dedicated fleet because they know which mode of transportation to use for a particular shipment and they also charge less because they have more vehicles on order.


To make the most of truck shipping services, choose an agent that has access to many shippers and distributors. A broker can help you find carriers and shippers who are willing to provide low-cost transportation services. These brokers also have contacts with the carriers and they know what they want in order to obtain the most favorable terms for the service providers. This is why it is advisable to find a Freight Mover who has enough contacts and resources. Brokers can also offer further assistance such as advice on terms and rates that will help you save money.