How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally ?

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Erectile dysfunction is a difficulty a male faces in getting and maintaining an erection. It happens when blood flow is not adequate towards the male organ due to physical or emotional causes. The problem occurs in males after their 30’s. The percentage of males with erection difficulties increases with age group.

There are treatments available to deal with erection in males in every age group. The fastest cure comes in the form of Cialis 60 mg online, which boosts erection in 60 minutes and ensures erection ability for the next 36 hours. However, permanent cure comes only through change in diet and lifestyle. The permanent cure overcomes basic causes which create erectile dysfunction. A natural cure consists of diet and lifestyle modification, which are mentioned as below.

Understand the cause of erectile dysfunction

Natural remedies are basically changing in diet or addition of those food items which boost blood circulation. Diet modification is supported by an active lifestyle to help the body derive nutrition from the food we eat. But natural remedies will be more effective if the basic cause is identified at first.

Erectile dysfunction is not a disease; it is a symptom of some physical or emotional issue. The physical causes are cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and blood pressure. Smoking, excess alcohol consumption and heavy fatty food give birth to coronary diseases, which prevent smooth flow of blood towards the pelvic area. It leads to erectile dysfunction when blood flow is less than adequate in the male organ.

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Diet modification

Diet modification means excluding fatty and heavy oily diet for vegetables, fruits and nuts. The food items which boost blood circulation overcome erection difficulties.  berries , pomegranate , spinach , broccoli , garlic , fish , beets ,  walnuts , etc relax blood vessels to facilitate blood flow towards the male organ .

Along with these food items, one should also take foods which boost testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels lead to low libido, which causes low desire for intimacy. It is the basic cause for erectile dysfunction in some males. Eggs, meat, avocado, Brazilian nuts, oyster and beans are some of the items which we can add to our diet for boosting desire for intimacy.

Loss weight

If obesity is a basic cause for low erection then weight loss will directly benefit the erection process. It has been established that males with bigger and higher waistline are more likely to get erection difficulties. The vegetables and fruits mentioned in the previous paragraph will ensure weight loss along with erection boosting capacity.

Incorporate some activities in a day schedule

Some kind of physical activities are essential to stretch the body and create blood flow throughout it. Exercises help us to take in more oxygen and increase capacity of lungs. It also creates energy which plays a part in intimate sessions.  Since you have to stick with physical activity for at least a couple of months, it should be part of your lifestyle. Swimming, cycling, skipping or jogging could be some of the activities to start with. Later you can hit the gym, if it permits you, but that is optional.

Using herbs and herbal based products

Herbs that are specially trusted for male health for centuries relax body and mind. The body and mind relaxation ensure that the mind is able to think about intimacy, as a natural emotion. Ginseng, shilajit, horny goat weed, Ashwagandha, white Musli (Chlorophyll borivilianum) etc are some of the herbs that help males get back the urge for intimacy. Along with a healthy diet, these herbs ensure the right mood and body for intimacy. Mild to moderate erection issues are cured with medicine through these simple lifestyle modifications. For higher erection difficulties, doctors recommend Sildenafil citrate 150 mg dose. But if a male sticks to a healthy diet, exercises and avoids smoking and alcohol, the dependency on drugs for erection is reduced.

Take care of stress and performance anxiety

Stress and anxiety related to performance is also an emerging cause for erectile dysfunction in some males. The only way to deal with these related issues is opening communication with the partner, focus on non penetration joy, spending time in foreplay, and delink the intimacy from physical act for time being. Take care of the task which is creating stress. If stress is not manageable at individual level, consult a psychologist. Cognitive behavior therapy will teach you better handling of stressful situations by enabling you to change your response towards such incidents.

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It is possible to cure erectile dysfunction through natural means by lifestyle and diet modification. It just requires a bit of discipline and urge to get the issue cured permanently. All steps are within reach.

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