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How to Connect Laptop to TV?

You may have a good screen TV, or your laptop may not have a good screen. Whatever the reason, connecting the laptop to TV is quite easy. There are multiple ways to connect the laptop with the TV, and you can use a cable. Or if you have a smart TV, then you also mirror your laptop to Tv without any wire. The following are the ways. Just follow the steps, and you are good to go.

Connect the Laptop to TV using HDMI Cable or Adaptor

HDMI will carry each video and audio. Therefore the most straightforward answer to attach a computer to a TV is to use associate degree HDMI cable. We’ve rounded up a bunch of them and kindly suggest the Amazon Basics HDMI cable at only £4.39, that is far, but you will pay elsewhere and even as economical. Do note that this cable is accessible in several lengths, therefore select fastidiously reckoning on, however, removed from the TV your computer or laptop computer is probably going to be.

It’s quite doable you have already got HDMI cables lying around the reception, however, perhaps you are not sure what you are looking for. The port highlighted in red within the image below is associate degree HDMI input. Don’t that some devices (primarily tablets) additionally carry smaller versions of this port called Micro-HDMI, and to confuse matters a lot of there is additionally Mini-HDMI, however, if your laptop computer or computer will have associate degree HDMI port it’s probably to be of the large selection, that measures around 14×4.5mm. This is often additionally called Type-A.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Get both the devices ready. Turn on the TV and your laptop and look for the HDMI port in both of the devices.
  • Step 2: Take an HDMI cable that you can purchase on Amazon. Connect one side with your laptop and other with the TV.
  • Step 3: Now your laptop is connected to your TV using HDMI, but still, you will not see any display. Now using your Philips Universal Remote Code, go the menu and in the display settings, go to the HDMI. Turn the screen to HDMI. You can see the display now.
  • Step 4: If you are still unable to see the display on your TV or you want to cut the show on the laptop screen, then open the control panel of your laptop. From there, go to the display settings.

In the display settings, select the display you want to act from the drop-down menu.
All set, now you can enjoy your Laptop display on your TV.

If you have got an extremely previous TV or laptop computer, it should not have any HDMI ports the least bit. During this case, you’ll have to attach the 2 employing a VGA cable and a three .5mm audio leads. The VGA port is that the blue one within the image on top of, marked computer IN.

Conversely, if you have got an extremely new laptop computer, it’d have one USB-C port instead of HDMI. You’ll purchase adaptors for turning each a customary (full-size) USB port and a smaller USB-C port to HDMI. If this suggests, you’re then unable to power the laptop computer and stream video over HDMI at the identical time, additionally think about a USB-C hub, like this £22.99 model from Amazon.

 Hook up your Laptop to TV Wirelessly

If your TV is wall-mounted, then physically connecting a laptop computer to that is tough. However, even though your TV is on a table, you would possibly like the less untidy attractiveness of going wire-free.

There area unit many gadgets out there like that may act as a bridge between your laptop and your TV, permitting you to ‘cast’ content from one to the opposite. You will conjointly hear the term screen mirroring used, although technically the 2 area unit slightly wholly different, with one streaming content from inside associate degree app and, therefore, the different merely replicating your laptop’s screen.

Because their area unit such a large amount of technologies and terminologies in use out there, together with dated solutions like Wireless show, Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast, which can be supported by none, one or each of your devices, we tend to notice it pays to keep things straightforward typically.

We like the Roku specific (reviewed). It’s a £29.99 media streamer that plugs into your TV over HDMI and permits you to put in apps for varied catch-up TV services and movie-subscription services. It conjointly permits you to forged from a compatible device in a lot of constant methods because of the £30 Google Chromecast, however, with the addition of a straightforward interface.

If you do not like a media streaming box – maybe you have already got a sensible TV and do not get to add apps – some solutions are not any entirely wireless HDMI dongles, like this £24.99 4K electronic device from Amazon. It’s precisely the same as connecting the two mistreatment associate degree HDMI cable, except that the cable itself is replaced with a proprietary wireless system.
Final Word Nowadays, it is quite straightforward to hook up a laptop to a TV. But if you have an old device, then you can follow the guide above. If you have an old TV set, you can still connect your laptop to tv but using VGA cables.