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How to choose the right mattress and bed for your home

One of the key elements of a comfortable stay is sleep. A proper mattress – and a bed – is able to offer a comfortable and restful sleep. So, the next day starts with energy and fun.

Good sleep is one of the criteria to “win” the host of a good review of the visitor. A very good mattress with a good bed will definitely create the conditions to impress the visitor to your home.

But how do we choose the right sleeping system for our home? Hard or soft mattress? Single or double? Sofa bed;

We visited the hotel showroom of the Portokalidis Group, at 152 Kifissos Avenue and Kolonos. The choices were so many that we were probably more confused. Ms. Eleni Kouroumbali, the project sales advisor of the company, undertook to get rid of us…

What should an apartment owner pay attention to when it comes to furnishing their furniture?

It should prefer products of high quality and durability to ensure the reduction of operating costs. Furniture strains lead to wear and tear and require frequent changes. I would advise them to choose purely hotel mattresses and furniture as they are manufactured with special specifications for greater durability in the long run. In addition, they meet all safety standards, for example, they have slow-burning surfaces.

What sleeping systems would you recommend to the owner of a home?

Definitely the most important thing is to ensure a very good sleep experience as ultimately this is what remains.

To our customers, I recommend high mattresses 30-35 cm high. On the one hand, because it is more comfortable, thanks to the multi-layered layers of foam. On the other hand, because the high mattress makes the room look richer when the visitor enters and predisposes him positively.

The mattress must have a top layer. Ideally, it should be integrated with the mattress and removed with a zipper to be washed. The built-in top layer is not perceived by the person lying down and does not alter the experience of the mattress like the separate top layer.

An interesting option is the single layers that are joined by zippers creating a double. The zipper is positioned in such a way that it is not perceived by the customer. And the host can join or separate the beds according to the wishes of his guests. In addition, the top layer is joined and separated by a zipper. You do not need to have double and single in the warehouse.

In any case and to avoid accidents it is recommended to have a mattress protector . These are waterproof covers that go under the sheet and protect the mattress from any accident, while extending the life of the mattress.

Finally, we advise our customers to prefer mattresses with 2 sides of support (hard and soft side). So they offer their guests the opportunity to choose in what mattress they want to sleep hard or soft.

Personalized accommodation is always appreciated.

For the substrate, many customers choose – instead of the simple base – the beds with storage space.

This way they can easily and safely store linens, pillows, quilts, and more. Storage solutions are essential in a small apartment as it saves space. In addition, the visitor has direct access to extra linen that he may need during his stay.

For the rest of the furniture?

Most residences are, as expected, small houses that should and can accommodate many amenities for the guests.

Leaving the bedroom, the main reason is the functional furniture . Sofas that become single or double bed to accommodate extra people, small dining rooms that can grow and fit more people and many options in functional small furniture that will make a difference and impress the visitor with their design.

How different are the needs of a home compared to a hotel?

They are quite different even though the final goal remains the same, a pleasant stay. The house needs extra furniture which must be adapted to smaller spaces and with a much more difficult layout than the spaces of a hotel. Fortunately, our experience in retail sales is combined with the knowledge of hotel products and we always find solutions for all needs.

The other differentiation is the concept. Every homeowner wants to give a different style, modern, classic, etc. Fortunately, both Istikbal and Master bed, Gautier and Ormatek give us a plethora of options in every style to meet every need.

It is certain that Istikbal has the first say as its potential in Greece is great. However, the other brands are also selected by our customers. It has to do with the design and style that he wants to give to his home but also with the amount of investment that one wishes to make.

There are many cases when our customers choose products from 2 or 3 brands for a home. In any case, all 4 brands are highly valued and recognized by foreign tourists, with the result that the existence of branded furniture is added to the benefits of a house.