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How Can I Use an Accountant Role in a Limited Company?

You may be an accountant with years of experience and expertise to offer in a corporate account. Yet, if you have never applied before to be an accountant in a UK Limited Company, then finding a suitable position can be difficult, to say the least. Most corporate accountants are paid on a performance basis, which means if your business does not perform according to the accountant’s expectations, then your pay is affected. Finding a job in this industry can be difficult, and as an accountant with years of practical experience, you may struggle to find a corporate accounting role in a UK Limited Company. However, there are options available for those looking to move into an accountant role with a UK limited company.

Option Stock

As with all employment options, one of the most important things to consider is that the accountant’s pay does not depend solely on the project but also includes bonuses, incentives, and stock options. Many large financial firms and accountants now offer Stock Options. A typical option, also known as Option Stock, provides the employee with shares in the company that they can buy, thereby creating either a right or a share in the firm’s future profits and assets. Many corporate accountants also have access to Performance Stock Options that allows them to get either cash payments or shares based on their performance with the firm. These are great perks for employees and when made possible through an online accounting firm, make finding an accountant role Limited Company a much easier task.

Good Idea to Choose the Accountancy Firm

When deciding upon a position with a UK limited company, it is a good idea to choose the accountancy firm with the widest range of skills, knowledge, and experience. An accountant with a wealth of knowledge and experience can help his or her team members with any questions, problems, or questions they might have. Accountants who have worked with a limited company before are often familiar with the processes that the company and its members go through every day. This familiarity and experience help them provide their clientele with accurate, professional advice.

Save a lot of Time

Another advantage to working with an online accountant is the amount of time they save. Many individuals only need to hire an accountant once in their lifetime, whereas an accountant hired on a regular, ongoing basis can do the accounting for the entire company continuously. In some cases, it may be a good idea to have more than one accountant, in case one gets injured or leaves the firm.

Limited Company

Determine What Kind of CPA it will Need

Once a firm decides to hire a CPA, it must determine what kind of CPA it will need. Typically, a CPA will fill out the standard forms for an individual tax return, and the company will then send the appropriate forms to an accounting service provider. The service provider will then complete the tax return and send it back to the client. Then the accounting firm will perform the necessary tax returns, reconcile them, and issue the tax return to the client. This is not the only type of accountancy service provided, but it is the most common.

Hire an Accountant every month

Limited companies usually only need to hire an accountant every month to handle their federal and provincial income tax, and employment insurance. However, if the limited company grows significantly (by buying assets, developing new business ventures, or selling some of its existing businesses) it may be necessary to hire a full-time CPA to handle all of the corporation’s affairs. Hiring a dedicated accountant can be a wise financial move for a company that plans to grow significantly over years.

Limited Company

Full-Time CPA Services Usually Charge a Slightly Higher

Full-time CPA services usually charge a slightly higher rate per month, but this is typically offset by the time it saves the company from having to maintain its accounting department. It also allows the accounting firm to focus on developing and growing the business. Most accounting firms offer CPA services throughout the year, rather than just at the end of the accounting year. To receive these types of financial statements, a company should request their accounting records for the current year-end through mid-year, and forward the applicable documents to the accountant being requested.


There are many online accountants available to handle these types of financial transactions for clients. Online accountants can use the Internet to transfer, receive, and process payments while still ensuring the privacy of all confidential client information. They can also use online accounting tools to manage journals, track financial statements, and set up PPO accounts (Private Purchase Order). These online accountants are also trained in maintaining daily records and bookkeeping.