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Features of White westinghouse | Company History | Energy Efficiency

It is a known fact that there are multiple washing machine brands found in the market that can offer advanced technology products without hassles. Washing machines have evolved to a great extent because there is a huge amount of demand in both residential and commercial locations from time to time. Some of the washing machines are known to have automatic features that can reduce the workload to a major extent. 

It is important for you to know the difference between top loading and front loading washing machines because it gives a wide room for you to save both time and energy in an easy way.

According to its corporate website, White-Westinghouse home appliances are manufactured to “simply get the job done.” The company’s appliances are designed to be reliable and functional for everyday use. White-Westinghouse’s only front-load washer has several easy to use features and is Energy Star qualified.

It is important for you to check for the right kind of machine because it helps you use it for a long span of time without hassles. Most people prefer buying a durable washing machine because it allows them to enjoy the maximum amount of features on a daily basis. 

Company History

White-Westinghouse was established in 1974, when White Consolidated Industries Inc. purchased the home appliance branch of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. White Consolidated employs approximately 26,000 people and was originally incorporated as a sewing machine company in 1876.

The company manufactures various well-known home appliances brands, including Eureka vacuum cleaners, Viking and White sewing machines, and Frigidaire. In 1986, Electrolux Group purchased White Consolidated Industries Inc.

White-Westinghouse Washing Machine Features

The White-Westinghouse 3.1 cu. ft. Front Loading Washer comes in white only and has several easy to operate features, including:

  • 3 cycles: normal, heavy duty, and delicate
  • 3 Wash/rinse temperatures: hot/cold, warm/cold, cold/cold
  • Automatic water level adjustments
  • Automatic bleach, fabric softener, and detergent dispensers
  • 900 RPM drum speed
  • Gentle wash speed 35 RPM
  • Normal wash speed 52 RPM
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Warranty

The White-Westinghouse washer comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty for parts and labor.

Energy Efficiency and white westinghouse Washing Machines

Nearly 70% of white westinghouse washing machines are ENERGY STAR qualified. In general, front loading washing machines use less energy than top loading machines. According to the white westinghouse buyer’s guide, front loading machines can save the average user (doing approximately 10 loads per week) as much as 75% on water consumption compared to top loading machines. Since a large component of the energy used by a washing machine is devoted to powering the hot water heater, using less water also uses less power.

Customer Experiences

This consumer affairs site includes several stories about customer experiences with white westinghouse washing machines and some of the responses they got from the company about their complaints.


Most white Westinghouse appliances including washing machines come with a limited one-year warranty. This warranty does not include consumable parts or problems caused by incorrect installation.