Electronic Medical Records: Pros and Cons of EMR Systems

Today it has become possible to provide a very good customer experience, competitiveness and innovation by implementing technology. Strong digitization can play an important role in the success of any industry. Because of the 2020 pandemic, e-learning has gained a lot of popularity. A large number of teachers and students all over the world are using it. It has been found that in the banking sector the online payments have been made by 90 % mobile users in the end of the year 2019. This report has been given by TechCrunch. In a number of industries like real estate, e-commerce, insurance and retail, we can see several examples of technology. The medical field is also getting the advantage of technology. Now creating, storing and updating the patient’s information has become possible with the use of a software known as electronic medical records or EMR. However, there are some pros and cons associated with EMR which I will describe in detail.

Pros of EMR

1. EMR helps in saving a lot of time – The doctors as well as the patients can get help in entering and accessing the data by making the use of electronic medical records software. If you go to a hospital for any checkup then instead of filling so many forms of paper you can enter all the necessary information online. The physicians also get a lot of help with this. For getting the necessary information records they don’t have to wait. Now storing the x-ray images, laboratory results and patient information at a single location is possible with the use of EMR software.

2. EMR gives you a higher degree of accuracy – By using this software, it is possible to easily interpret the medical history and personal information of those patients in the clinic who visit there at short intervals. In order to eliminate the requirement of entering and checking the data again and again you can use this software, so that the billing system also gets the data with the help of a system that is fully integrated. This will help in providing a more efficient workflow of the front office.

3. It enables patients to access their medical information an infinite number of times – This software provides 24/7 access to the online information and there is no more need for any paper records. If a prescription is lost by the patients then they are not required to visit the office of doctor. Now at any time checking examination results or treatment plan is possible with the online portals offered by a number of medical providers.

4. Orders initiate at a great speed – In order to send the medicine orders or the laboratory tests’ orders to the required institute you can get the electronic health records’ help. For placing the order, patients do not have to wait a lot. There is no need to stand in the line any more. They just need to go to the office of the doctor. The doctor will send the electronic order of the patients to the pharmacy and to the laboratory. The problems that occur because of illegible handwriting will not happen here.

Cons of EMR

1. Problems of security access – The hackers can hack the medical records. The occurrence of several ransomware attacks on a lot of healthcare providers was seen in the year 2017. For restoring the data, a ransom needs to be paid by the health providers, costing them so much money. It will not be possible to get the health information back without paying the ransom.

2. Problems related to usability – Usually so much server space is taken by the electronic health records. In browsing the information of patients, the physicians can take so much time if the hosting capacity is not efficient. In order to preserve productivity and reduce the delay time, a good solution is cloud integration.

3. For providing personnel training some time will be required – For patients as well as physicians it can be a challenging task to master EMR platforms. A considerable time can be needed for this. It will be good if the software provides flexibility and good functionality. Operating the portal can be very easy if the navigation and the interface are clearer. If you are interested in the services of advisory or executive research then it will be good for you to contact the SMD consultants.

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