• Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

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Creative Exhibition Stands Ideas To Bring More People

When a company decides to exhibit, it is a considerable investment with money and time. They want it to go perfectly fine in the very first attempt itself. This means that they need to think their way through every single aspect and have the answer of how it should look, how to do the setup, how they will be selling the ideas and products to the customers.

With this segment, we will be discussing hot exhibition stand designers who can learn to do the perfect setup and be successful in the trade show or exhibition booth. Your focus should be on bringing a stand that will be remembered for a long and let’s see how to go through it:

  • Tips to sell successfully on your stand booth
  • Get started with early promotion: The biggest mistake any company would make is to wait till the 30 or 60 day period before starting the promotion. However, if you look at the big guns of the market who are established as a successful brand that their promotion window starts right after the previous show gets canceled. 

You can build on better communication with everyone to keep them updated and how to stay in their minding leaving a deep impact. You can design beautiful attractive banner ads that you can put on your website along with a customizable e-blast that can be sent to the customer database. Another addition would be a branded email signature so that with every email you send, there is a promotion being done.

  • Get recognized by the trade press and organizers: One of the foolproof ways you can promote your trade show presence is by having a word or two with the organizers of all the promotional opportunities. 

With some, you may need payment but with most of them producing a thought piece for the piece is accepted generously. Trade press looks forward to often covering an exhibition and they will be hugely interested in any news coming front of the show, especially the launch or re-brand.

  • Have pre-booking of appointments with visitors: Now that you have done the right things with exhibition stand design ideas it is time to encourage the customers to provide valuable offerings when they visit your stand. 

You can look ahead to make prior appointments and make an involvement with the event-hosted buyer program in case there is one. By doing so, you will have the advantage to create a unique identity and potential attendees where you can organize several appointments with them.

  • Keep a constant engagement with the visitors: The one mistake seen often in these trade shows that staff is not doing enough effort to get more engagement with the visitors. 

Usually, the visitors wander by the stand and see that the attending staff are busy talking in themselves or busy on their phone, or working with their emails. Make sure you are getting better engagement with them and make them feel comfortable. Attend them with a greeting and ask questions to open up the conversation.

  • The setup of the booth for an upcoming exhibition

Setting up an exhibition is just half the work done since you need to make it successful to make the most of the opportunities you have. Let’s take a look at the top 3 things you need to consider:

  • Connection with the organizers: The day you are building up the stand, get in touch with the organizers with the set of questions prepared beforehand. This will allow them to know you better as well and in case of any help or assistance with the setup, they will do their best.
  • Seating arrangement: If your exhibition stands are interesting enough, you can arrange for some seating as well instead of them being on their feet.
  • Get aware of the timings: The exhibitions have mostly a cut-off time during the show. Along with this, there is a peak timing as well when the attendees will join the most. Get the details of that within the chat of you and the organizers.
  • Unique Ideas for the next tradeshow

Worried about the idea of standing out and attracting more visitors? Here you go:

  • Provide a giveaway: No one ever said no to a freebie and with you providing the same on your stand, you will see an increase in the footfall.
  • Provide an “event-only promotion”: Providing anything exclusive to your visitors will help you to stand out in the market amongst the rest of the crowd. This might be the right time you land a special discount code that is valid only if you make the purchase during the event.

New product launch: If you have a new product, service, or feature, use this event to launch the same to attract more crowd. Visitors would be highly interested in getting their hands first on something which isn’t even there in the market.