Best Phone Spy Apps in 2021

The most typical intention for people to want a spy solution would be to keep an eye on somebody’s phone. On many occasions, these spying operations are initiated by diligent employers, concerned parents, or caring spouses.

So, are you doubting that your partner is cheating on you? Is your kid distressed but don’t want to talk it out? Do your employees pass your business info to competitors? Well, if you fit in such cases, we have an ideal resolution that will fascinate you.

We’re presenting a trusted, reliable, and secure phone surveillance app to cater to all your spying needs through this article. You will be dazzled by the intuitiveness of the app and astonished by its prowess.

Spy Apps and their features

Spying on another person without their approval is usually illegal. However, if you do it for a good cause, you can’t be charged even when caught. There are several apps on the Internet claiming to offer phone monitoring services.

Although not all these apps can be relied on, some are a hoax and can’t be dependable because they may hack your device or steal your data. To spy quietly and cautiously, ensure to pick Spyier since it’s the best phone spy app to use in 2020.

1. Spyier

As the phone surveillance industry leader, Spyier has worldwide recognition with over a million customers from 190+ countries. Top media companies, including 9to5Mac, PC World, and TomsGuide, have spoken remarkably about the Spyier app.

Spyier works flawlessly with both iOS and Android devices. It comes with an online easy to use intuitive interface. You can monitor someone’s phone easily and remotely at any time using any internet browser.

Monitoring an iOS device with Spyier is straightforward as the app is wholly web-based. No physical access or jailbreaking of the target’s iPhone. Spyier operates remotely through its iCloud backup. There’s no app download or software installation; thus, you can’t be suspected.

For the Android platform, you need physical access to the target’s device to download and install Spyier’s 2MB app once. This takes about 5 minutes considering no rooting is required. As you wind up installation, activate stealth mode to get rid of the app icon and leave no traces.

To value your solitude, Spyier syncs all results to your online account and doesn’t cache your target’s data. All information is protected in that nobody can view anything so long as you logged out.

Spyier is simply the best phone spy app offering the most affordable plans online. It has a set of unmatched features accessible via your online control panel. From the dashboard, you will view all your target’s phone happenings, including location, social media apps, call logs, etc.

Having learned about Spyier’s abilities, let’s dive in and see what you can do with it.

2. Ear Spy: Super Hearing

Ear Spy: Super Hearing for wiretapping can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The process: the microphone picks up the sounds, and then all the information is transferred to the headset.

Using Ear Spy: Super Hearing, for example, can listen to people who are in the next room. It doesn’t matter how quiet the sounds are that are caught by the microphone. The program improves the quality of the signal, removes foreign noises.

A significant plus is the setting of the background mode. If you use this function, the program will perform its task without interfering with the smartphone.

Ear Spy: Super Hearing is an app that can amplify ambient sounds – even those that are very far away.

3. Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker is an interesting app that allows the user to determine their location in the city and view the routes of all travel in a day or the right amount of time. The merits of the program:

  • Free download. Monetization is carried out only at the expense of a built-in advertising banner.
  • Use security. Developers guarantee the confidentiality of information.
  • You don’t need to turn on the GPS on the gadget to work.
  • The ability to choose how to display information (showing routes on a map or displaying a list).

4. Observer

Observer is a multifunctional application for gadgets on the Android operating system. It allows you to determine the location of the smartphone. This feature is especially useful in situations where a mobile device is lost or stolen. Another option is to back up all the data stored on your phone. To use the app, you need to have 2 devices. One of them, subject to control, is installed by the Observer program.

Once installed, it is not shown to the user, as it performs all its functions in invisible mode. A Server program is installed on another device to obtain information from a controlled gadget. It receives all the data only if the first phone runs the Internet.

Observer is spyware for wiretapping phones and tablets.

5. Children Tracker

This app is specially designed for parents. It allows you to track your children. The program is also useful in the search for the missing mobile device on which it was installed.

To use the app, adults need to download a download file on a child’s smartphone and install it.

Program features:

  • View the child’s whereabouts. The information is updated continuously.
  • Demonstrating a short route that can reach a person holding a tracked phone.

6. Home Security Camera

Home Security Camera is a free app for android smartphones. It can be useful for arranging short video surveillance of housing and seeing how the child, husband, or wife spends his free time.

You’ll need at least two gadgets to use the app. 1 mobile device will act as a camera, and the second will show the recorded video.

The Home Eye app will quickly turn a mobile phone into a CCTV camera.

7. Mobile Hidden Camera

This is an application designed for surveillance through covert video. The program includes two cameras (main and front) if the smartphone has them. The user can use the photo-taking feature if necessary. You can set it up so that the app takes photos at time intervals.

8. Intruder Selfie 1 2 8

Users often leave their mobile devices unattended. Other people interested in checking messages, calls, photos, etc. use it. For owners who want to know who used their phones, a free app Intruder Selfie 1.2.8 has been developed. The principle of work is simple. The program takes pictures of the person who unsuccessfully removes the lock from the screen. The host can view the images at any time.

9. HD Spy Camera

This is a small program that allows the user to take a secret photo. It doesn’t take up much space on your phone (only 3MB), doesn’t spend much charging. The program takes pictures after a set period and places them in a particular folder located in the mobile device’s memory. To make the app work properly, the user should follow the following rules:

  • Do not place a smartphone so that it gets bright light. The pictures can turn out to be substandard.
  • Before you start the program on the gadget, turn on the flight mode. Thanks to this feature, the application will not be interrupted by phone calls.

What Can You Achieve Using a Spyier?

Spyier gives you full access to a victim’s device. You will remotely view almost all the target’s phone activities in real-time. Here’re some of Spyier’s distinctive features:

  • Monitor Social Media: With Spyier, you can spy on several great social media apps, including Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. You will read all the target’s chat and view exchanged media files along with their timestamps.
  • Read Messages: Spyier allows you to read a target’s phone text messages and iMessages as the user updates on their device. If the target has an iOS device, you will get even the deleted iMessages.
  • Go Through Call Logs: Are you wondering why your target is on their phone all the time? Use the Spyier’s call monitor feature to check the victim’s call log. This way, you will discover details such as the list of recent callers ID and call durations. You can even record their phone calls to listen and know what they are saying.
  • Trace Locations: Using GPS and connected Wi-Fi, Spyier allows you to monitor someone’s movement via virtual maps. It provides live updates of details like location history, address, 3D street view, etc. You can also use the geofencing feature to set boundaries and get notified each time the target goes out.
  • View Shared Files: Spyier offers you full remote control over someone’s phone without the need for technical expertise. It lets you view your target’s device photos and videos. You can even download the user’s gallery from your online account.
  • Capture Keystrokes: The keylogger keeps track of all the keystrokes made on the target’s device. This key-logs are then updated according to the app used. You will uncover the victim’s login credentials and any other typed text as they enter them.

There are 30+ features available in Spyier’s online dashboard if you want to do more spying. You can take advantage of the phone book viewer, SIM card tracker, browser history monitor, and so much more.

Now, let us show you how easy it is to set up Spyier.

How to Monitor Someone’s Phone without Being Detected with Spyier Solution?

  • A reliable internet connection
  • An active email address
  • For Android phones; quick access to targeted phone and Android version 4.0 to the latter
  • For iOS devices; target’s iCloud ID and iOS version 7.0 and above
Steps to Start Monitoring Someone’s Phone
  • Step 1: Create a Spyier online account with your email and password. Select your target’s device operating system and pay for a plan.
  • Step 2: You will receive an email with a receipt, set-up instructions, and login credentials.
    2(a) For Android platforms, use the emailed link to download and install the Spyier app. Upon completing the installation, ensure to activate stealth mode operation. Step 3: If it’s iOS, authenticate the user’s iCloud ID and wait to sync after selecting the device in use.
  • Step 4: Re-access your Spyier account to view a summary of your target’s device. On the left side of the online dashboard, you can access all of Spyier’s unique features.

With your account set up and ready, let’s go ahead and see what benefits come with Spyier.

Why Spyier is the Best Phone Spy App 2020?

There are many advantages that you will discover when using Spyier. The following are some of the reasons why Spyier is a reputable brand in the phone spying space:

  • Spyier is an authentic brand offering robust privacy protection
  • No rooting for Android and no jailbreaking for iOS device
  • Spyier is available at reasonable prices
  • Quick set-up taking less than 5 minutes
  • You receive real-time updates as the user updates on their device
  • Spyier app is lightweight and does not drain much battery power
  • Use the web-based Spyier interface on any web browser
  • Spyier operates in the background using stealth mode to remain undetected
  • App uninstallation is done remotely from your online dashboard.


In the guide above, we have attempted to clear all uncertainty about Spyier’s functionality. If, by any chance, we left something out, go ahead and try out the free

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