• Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

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Benefits of Teslin Plastic Cards That You Should Know

When ordering your plastic ID card for your business or personal use, you are often asked about your preference of the core material to be used to make the card. The quality of the card material is directly related to the quality of the finished product. PVC and TESLIN are the main choices of plastic card production materials.

So, what is Teslin and what are the benefits of Teslin card printing? Let’s learn.

What is Teslin?

TESLIN is a synthetic paper material with flexibility that is highly printable, waterproof and tear-resistant. It is often used in the ID badge industry and its flexible surface receives dye ink injection printing and other methods of offset printing and laser printing.

The back of Teslin cards is often blank, lacking machine readable technology (barcode) and redundant data. Teslin card’s personalization is prepared from color laser printers. After printing, the card is laminated and additional security features are added, such as imprint and holographic lamination.

Teslin was first used for card production at the mid-1980s, and later accepted in the production of gift cards, membership cards, membership cards, promotional cards. Teslin can be laminated to increase rigidity and gloss, or bonded to other materials, such as PVC. Although Teslin may not be suitable for every card application, you can consider using Teslin for the following factors:


Due to Teslin’s high ink absorption, printing images are “locked”, resist stains and wear. In addition, the Teslin substrate can cause the lamination strength to be 10 times than the other synthetic materials. This means that any laminate applied to the material will resist peeling while providing superior flexibility.


The same small pores that help locks colors, also provide brilliant color reproduction in the image while protecting variable data, such as a barcode, from damage that may change the card function. The appearance of Teslin cards are always exceptional, so that’s another reason to adopt Teslin for card making.

Magnetic Stripe / RFID protection:

The micropores in Teslin absorbs staticelectricity accumulation in Teslin, thus further protecting magnetic stripes and other embedded electronic products, which are also buffered and insulated.


Teslin ID card and badge can be difficult to replicate, which can be combined with a variety of security functions, especially when combined with PVC or other materials. These features include laser engraving, high resolution color photography and security tags.


The versatility that comes with the issuance of Teslin cards is great. Different from the plastic card that must be bonded, Teslin or paper cards can be perforated, and it is easy to remove them from mailers or letters. This also reduces the cost of mailing. These are the key benefits of using Teslin cards. As you see, there are quite a lot of reasons to choose Teslin cards and if you are looking for reliable and quick Teslin card printing, you can always connect with us for receiving the best products.