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Bath Essentials Are Making A Huge Trend

The fluffy and fizzy bath bombs have become new bathing essential in today’s lifestyle. Where people today are more inclined towards a pleasing bathing experience, at the same time, they also need a bathing experience to be more relaxing and calming. With the increase in demand for the bath that provides numerous aromatherapy benefits, the bathing industry introduced the most innovative bathing product i.e. bath bombs compacted with different essential oils and nourishing ingredients. The attractive colored bath bombs fizz up instantly when dropped in water and fill the bathtub with different milky colors giving off sweet exotic scents that create a perfect bathing ambiance.

Packaging styles always matters

Present the range of different bath bombs in more style by opting for different styles of packaging boxes. The rainbow-colored bath bombs will look more appealing and attractive when presented uniquely on the display shelves. The different packaging styles for bath bomb boxes will reflect a more product value to customers and enhance the perceived value of the product. Opt for different packaging styles to flaunt the true attractiveness of the multi-colored bath bombs to the shoppers.

  • Two-piece style

The two-piece boxes give the most sophisticated and elegant presentation to the bath bombs. This elegancy in the presentation of the bath bombs captures more interest of the buyers and influences their purchase decision. Depending on the number of bath bombs to be placed inside each box, various inserts made out of durable packaging materials can be added to the boxes that will keep each of the bath bombs in its place and prevent it’s colliding with each other that results in the spoilage or breakage of the bath bombs.

  • Window style

The window packaging gives the most ideal and attractive presentation to the different colored bath bombs and captures more interest from the audience due to its ability to offering a product glance to customers. Since customers truly believe in scrutinizing the product prior to making a final purchase decision, the window packaging boxes for the bath bombs will offer a complete product glance to customers that help in making an easy purchase decision. Moreover, the ability of the boxes to allow customers to see and smell the bath bombs helps them to pick their desired product. Windows or die-cuts can be customized in different shapes and sizes on the boxes to enhance the visual appeal of customers and grab more audience’s interest.

  • Sleeve style

The sleeve style for the bath bombs is another innovative packaging solution that adds more appeal to the product and intrigues more audiences. This unique packaging style featuring a rolling sleeve and the base of the box showcasing a flamboyant range of the bath bombs gives a stand-out outlook to the product and makes them look different from the competitors. This elegant bath bomb packaging style occupies a valuable presence on the shelf and grabs the audience’s attention from afar.

  • Tuck top style

The tuck top boxes give a simpler yet attractive presentation to the multi-colored bath bombs and grab the audience’s attention at a very first glance. Different styles for the tuck top boxes can be opted i.e. reverse tuck style and straight tuck style with the only difference in the closing laps of the boxes. This unique tuck top packaging style is very handy and gives a unique packaging appearance to the bath bombs.

The printed packaging creating a unique difference

Regardless of the packaging style opted for the bath bomb packaging, these can be made to look more attractive by creatively customizing the outlook of the boxes. Using different printing techniques to get the design printed on the boxes makes the packaging look more attractive and grabs more eyes of the public. Creating a distinctive product identity is important when the market is already covered with tough competition, in this perspective, the Custom Printed Bath Bomb Boxes with logos will make the product superior to the competitors. The bath bomb boxes carrying the brand-specific details will make the product distinguishable from the competitors and helps the target audience recognize the brand.

Moreover, applying various finishing applications on the bath bomb packaging boxes adds a more lustrous and shiny effect to the bath bombs and maximizes their visual appeal. Pick among the different finishing applications such as matte/gloss lamination, embossing, debossing, spot UV, and raised ink that when applied to the packaging design make the product look more intriguing and attractive.


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