• Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

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Actionable Email Marketing Tips To Boost Results

If you want to advertise something on the internet then an old way of doing this is email marketing. But don’t consider it an easy thing. In this field several new things pop up constantly like measurement, copywriting and list building. So, if you are interested in email marketing then you have to learn all those new things. However, sometimes keeping up with it is not possible for business owners and marketers and the reason can be a shortage of time. Now I am going to tell you actionable email marketing tips to boost results.

1. The procedure of unsubscribing needs to be easy – If you take interest in creating a very good experience then you have to make the procedure of unsubscribing very simple. It is possible that your customer takes no more interest in getting emails from your brand. In this situation, if he is unable to unsubscribe easily then he may not like to purchase from you in the future. So, make an easy and clear link for unsubscribing.

2. Avoid paying for the lists – If you will use a paid list and send emails to the people mentioned in it then it may not be good for you because of a number of reasons:

  • It is possible that the individuals mentioned in the list have no idea of the company that is sending these messages to them.
  • It may not be possible for you to achieve conversions if these individuals will unsubscribe.
  • Your business may have to suffer because of the violation of the CAN-SPAM act.

So, instead of paying for the lists, create a fair list.

3. Use a design that is mobile friendly – Take the help of a Campaign Monitor for checking the following email stats of mobile

·       Within 3 seconds a mobile phone user will delete all those messages that will not load on his device properly.

·       Mostly, mobile phone users open the emails and these emails are 50 % of all.

·       As compared to the desktop users 3 times more frequency of checking these messages has been found with mobile users.

·       Because of poor mobile experience, a company loses most of its customers and these customers are nearly 52 %.

So, it is necessary to provide a good mobile experience to the users, only then the users will take interest in reading your messages.

4. In the buttons and images add alt-text – To give detailed information of the image’s content to the email clients and web browsers you can get a lot of help from adding image alt-text. This will be helpful in two ways:

·     You can provide your image information to those users that are visually impaired.

·    Certain images do not load properly. To these images, you can provide context.

5. To get maximum clicks and opens choose the best time for sending emails – The possibility of the people seeing your messages increases if you will send these messages to them at the right time. If at 10:00 a.m. you will send these messages to the people then more and more people will see them. Prior to sleeping also, a lot of people take interest in seeing these messages.

6. To get success you need to optimize your frequency of sending emails – You can get success if you are consistent. Just note down the frequency of sending emails and perform a detailed analysis. Ask the following questions from yourself:

·    At what time do you see the best performance?

·    What are the best-performing days?

·    After sending these messages, do you see any drop in the open rates?

·    After sending these messages, do you receive any complaints?

7. Build segments from your email list – If as per the interests of the people you will send email messages to them then your chances of getting success increase. For instance, if someone likes the bikes a lot and you send him messages related to the cars, then why will he take interest in reading your messages. So, it will be better to classify the people having common interests and prepare their list. A lot of people take interest in the services of web designing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click. They can easily get all these services by contacting a Digital Marketing Agency.