8 Fascinating Myths and Facts about Semen OR Sperm

The fertility of a male depends on his sperm quality and quantity of semen. These two fluids determine many male characteristics and give male ability to become a father.

Some people believe that semen or lack of it also causes erectile dysfunction. But erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with the semen or sperm. It is difficult in getting an erection and sustaining it to complete the intimate session. It is cured with Generic Levitra 60 mg, doctors recommend it for severe erection problems.  Interesting not even educated persons know facts about semen, live alone understanding the difference between facts and myth. Let us understand some facts and how far they go from myths.


Semen and sperm are same

fact- Sperm and semen are not the same.  Semen is produced in ejaculation and sperms are part of the semen. Semen gives fluid in which sperm float to reach their destination. It is sperm which carry the human chromosomes. The X or Y of the chromosome determines the gender of the baby.


Sperm are few in semen

Fact –

There are a lot of sperms in semen ejaculation. It is right that there is only one sperm which will fertilize an egg, but the overwhelming sperm numbers ensure that fertilization takes place without any miss.  Another interesting related fact is that a lot of our semen goes waste. It stays in vagina, which is acidic. Semen cannot survive in vagina. The flood of semen in vagina balances the acidity of the vagina so that sperm could go and fertilize an egg.


Semen is full of calories

Fact – semen is mostly water and has to maximum 10 calories in every ejaculation. It also has fructose, proteins which are produced in prostate, and enzyme. If you take as a percentage, then sperm makes up a very small percentage of semen. Even in smaller portions, sperm has a good population.


Every physical act makes women pregnant

Fact- ejaculation of semen is not going to make a lady pregnant. This is because every ejaculation has only a small percentage of sperms, which have to fertilize the egg. That is the reason why some couples find it difficult to conceive. The man with erection difficulties needs guidance to cure it either through natural means or by using Sildenafil citrate 150 mg, doctors of Medsstore.online prescribe for short and quick relief.

Myth –any ejaculation from the penis has sperm in it

Fact – there is no sperm in every ejaculation from the penis. In case of pre ejaculation, the fluid is clear and sticky. It is basically prostate secretion. The chances of getting pregnant are less in pre ejaculation fluid, but some sperm may be left in the urethra of your partner from previous ejaculation. However, the chances of sexually transmitted diseases always remain there even if this fluid is without sperms.


Man can change the taste of semen and sperm by eating fruits and tasty foods

Fact – there is no medical or scientific way for a man to change the taste of semen. The smell also cannot be changed. Some believe that by eating fruits and chocolates, one can change the smell and semen. It is not possible for a man to do so.

Myth – the consistency of semen and sperm remains same throughout the adult life

Fact- this is not true, because consistency can change from day to day.  The liquid intake changes the texture of the semen. It can become sticky or slippery with more fluid.  Sometimes, the semen remains in a gelatinous phase till it meets with prostate enzymes. The combination makes semen smooth, but the process continues even when a man ejaculates.  The same semen with sperm can become smoother, if they are left to hang out in vagina.

Myth – men can produce unlimited amount of sperm in lifetime

Fact – sperm production declines along with semen producing ability in a man. It declines with age. But still the production of semen and sperm in it is very impressive. An average man in his adult life can produce around 7 liters of sperm with 2 trillion swimmers.

Conclusion Semen and sperm are different and production depends on the age of the man. The production peaks and declines along as one age. However, both these important fluids have nothing to do with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation the two weaknesses a male faces in adult life. Consult a medical expert to get some medical treatment for low semen or erectile issues.

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