7 Types of Designer Patches

In today’s day and age, custom designer patches online are of various types which makes it confusing on the part of people to figure out the patch, best suited to their requirements. In today’s day and age, there are many types of online stores which are in the business of providing custom designer patches online. Your choice of the custom designer patches online should depend on the price, material, durability, texture and turnaround time of such patches. Read on further to know the 7 different types of patches in today’s day and age!

  • Embroidered Patches :- If you have been looking for designer patches online which are the perfect blend of durability, affordability and design potential, then look no further than embroidered designer patches online. In embroidered designer patches online, there are plenty of colors to choose from which can leave anyone, well and truly spoilt for choice. Further, it is very easy to make embroidered patches so you won’t have to wait for a lot of time for your order to get delivered to you.
  • PVC Patches :- If you have been looking for the more rugged patches in the market, then you might want to consider ordering PVC designer patches online. Being rugged, these patches can hold really well against all sorts of elements like grit, water and mud. The PVC designer patches online provide for a great tactile feel and that’s one of the main reasons why so many people chose to opt for PVC designer patches online.
  • Chenille Patches :- These patches might be vintage and old-school in comparison to the other alternatives in the market, but it has been seen in the past couple of years, that chenille designer patches online are coming back into fashion. These are a decent option but they aren’t the best option if you have been looking for patches to show crystal clear detail.
  • Woven Patches :- Next up on the list are woven patches which provide the same benefits as embroidered patches. These patches can show off a lot more detail than other patches in the same amount of space. These patches are different from embroidered patches in the sense that they don’t have the texture of embroidery but these patches are very effective for small lettering.
  • Leather Patches :- If you have been looking for one of the most versatile options in designer patches online, then you can’t go wrong with leather patches. One of the main reasons for the soaring popularity of these patches is that they can effortlessly look classy as well as outdoorsy.
  • Printed patches :- These patches use the same technique as is used to print on t-shirts. These patches work more or less like wearable photographs and they are fancied by people because such patches can show a significant amount of detail. If you want to show a literal photo¬† on a patch then you can consider opting for printed patches.
  • Bullion patches :- These patches are more of the ‘premium-looking’ patches in the market and they are used for brand programs, charity balls, club memberships as well as for VIPs. These patches have an excellent eye-catching appeal. The only cons of these patches is that they take a lot of time to make since they are made by hand and another con is that they aren’t quite affordable but that being said, they are every single penny that you pay for them.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, those were the top 7 types of options in designer patches online. All options have their own pros and cons and you are advised to take all factors into consideration before making a final choice for yourself.

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