• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

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7 Common iPhone Issues & How to Repair!

In gadgets markets, Apple claims itself world’s best brand of expensive smartphones. But the truth is, those smartphones also can create a messy state of affairs sometimes. Several cases have been noted against the iPhone due to various reasons. In many cases, this might only happen after the mode of updating your gadget from new to old one or downloading any new app on their devices. There can be various reasons which might occur due to data transformation, new iOS updating or it can be related to the hardware and software of your iPhone. Even a few bugs in iPhone need to be fixing at the same time as issues, otherwise, it will stop working.  Here, you don’t need to worry because several apple iPhone repair centers will fix the technical issue immediately.

For you, here we sort out the seven common iPhone issues along with their fixes.

Fast Battery Draining Problems In iPhones after certain period users notice the battery’s life problem in iPhones across the world. And the reason can be upgrading of iOS, well more data consuming app can also be another reason.

So, in this tacky condition, you may need to uninstall the unnecessary app from your gadget to run long battery life.

Several Water & Liquid Damaged in iPhones

Imagine your iPhone drop down in any liquid or water then what will be next? There are high chances that your phone won’t start or may lose its complete data too. Repairing expenses of apple gadgets are very excessive and additionally they don’t offer a guarantee for any sort of liquid damage.

In such conditions, you need to be calm and try to dry your phone with the help of a clean towel. Along with that remove the sim & memory card or you can keep it with uncooked rice or silica gel.

iPhone death White Screen and black display Problem

Sudden spilling of water or slipped down on the hard floor and bad firmware can create black screen problems in your device. And a death white screen error took place due to the failure of hardware in your smartphone.

To fix the issue in both cases you need to restore your backup data; for fixing the black screen issue start charging your phone completely. If an error still exists then go ahead to the next step and restore your apple phone to factory setting.

In a white display case, you may restart your highly-priced machine; if this doesn’t work then hard reset your gadget in any other case you may additionally boot it in Device Firmware Upgrade mode. Also, you may go to the iPhone screen repair shop and get restoration of your device in case you word any severe issues.

Inappropriate Work of Proximity Sensor

In many cases, the iPhones screen displays flash during a call, which indicates the improper work of the proximity sensor. The same things also create a problem with the touch screen of your phone. A defective proximity sensor can happen due to a software issue or faulty manufacturing. Also, the replacement of the iPhone screen can be a major issue that brings fault in the proximity sensor.

To fix this error you may need to follow few steps; reboot or reset your iPhone, also you can restore it with DFU mode to resolve the sensor error. But, in some cases never forget to take backup of your data as you can lose your data following such steps.

Unresponsive behavior in Cold Weather

Several cases were reported against the iPhone of its unresponsive behavior due to cold weather. Well, users can notice such problems in those countries that are holding extreme cold temperatures. Despite all of these, apple makes public that very soon they are going to launch software that will fix the error within the given time. Rather than keep the switch off and on your smart device to fix the messy situation.

Bluetooth and WiFi Connection Error

We usually hear about the Bluetooth connection problem with other common devices. Same connection error one can also notice with wifi after the iOS updating.

The initial solutions for both of them are to restart your phone, for Bluetooth- then go to the setting; turn on the button of Bluetooth again. If this not supports you then you can go to the setting for fixing an error, go to the Bluetooth, click on forget this device, and try to pair it again.

Stiff you face any issue then you can restore your old version, also update it to a new one.

Heating Problem in iPhones

Have you ever got the notification about your phone that your device needs to cool down? Well, overheating is a common problem in apple phones which is complained about by many iPhone users.

But here is the easiest way to fix this problem is to take your gadgets into a cool environment; make sure that it not in direct contact with heat & sunlight. For getting a better and fast result you can switch off your phone with the removal of the back cover and let it cool down. Sometimes updating iOS or reset all settings can also work effectively in such a tricky situation.