5 Ways to Get the Best Diablo 2 Items

Since its introduction, Diablo 2 has been one of the most favorite hack-and-slash, multiplayer action game for gamers around the world. The game is nicely built with different levels of difficulties and items that you can find during the gameplay, which makes your gameplay a little easier and a lot exciting.

Speaking of items, Magic Finding is the most popular and widely accepted method of obtaining items with high value, it’s not always efficient. You can of course always buy Diablo 2 items that you want, but that’s different story.

Here, we’ve gathered the best ways for making wealth in Diablo 2 and finding the items that you really want.

1. Crafting/Rerolling Skillers

The Skillers Grand Charms (GC) are the ones that grant the type +points to skills which are particular. Some kinds of them have great trading value, particularly when they boost other attributes, like health. The best Grand Charms would be the ones that boost powerful skills from popular classes like Paladins or Sorceresses.

The plan is to grab Grand Charms from areas such as Flayer Jungle, Travincal and Great Marsh in Hell difficulty and transmute them in the Horadric Cube alongside 3 Perfect Gems.

However, you will need a complete great deal of perfect gems to be able to create something tradable.

2. Gold Finding/Gambling

The aim of “Gamblers” is to gather large sums of silver to be able to buy Unidentified Circlets and Amulets from gambling vendors, hoping to find an item they can later trade. The opportunity of finding an item that is worthy is low, but that is also the reason why it is possible to trade it for valuable items.

3. Forge Rushing

The aim here is to utilize fast teleporting characters in order to carry low-level players through the entire game. Your reward can be the Runes dropped from the Hellforge Quest in Act 4.

Note that a rusher carry a character from Normal Act 1 to Act 5 in 10 to 15 minutes or less. Nonetheless, it is better to hurry figures to Hell difficulty once the Hellforge can drop higher runes.

Then, you can collect some runes or even cube higher Runes. High Runes are always on demand, therefore you shouldn’t have problems to trade them for useful items.

4. Key/Organ Searching

Key hunting means you can later trade them for great items that you shoot for gathering sets of keys. It’s possible to receive over one key in a single fight.

Further, you can extend this into hunting organs. This means you collect the keys that you won’t trade. Instead, you will transmute them. You can find many character builds you are able to use to kill these monsters. Then, you can either individually trade the organs or as a set, for opening the way to Uber Tristram. You won’t face problems to trade keys and especially organs, as players are often willing to trade things.

6. Magic Finding

Last but not least, Magic Finding is the most popular method for finding valuable items. Nevertheless, you will need MF that is good so that you can make efficient Magic Finding runs. So, exactly how would you find good Magic Finding gear to start making efficient runs, without wasting time?

One option is to follow one of the strategies mentioned above and trade the above-mentioned things for a few great MF items. Another option that will save you time is to buy Diablo 2 items from our store. We have a huge collection of great D2 items that you’ll surely want to have.

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