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5 video games that will make you smarter

Video games have long been recognized as a hobby that has a positive effect on productivity and brain function. It’s not for nothing that Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk play in them, and in American schools they are used to develop critical thinking in students and teach science. We will tell you what these games are.


In this iconic series of turn-based strategy best io games, you will try yourself as famous political leaders – from Cleopatra and Genghis Khan to Catherine the Great and Theodore Roosevelt. Each country you control has its own unique buildings, units and bonuses (for example, in Civilization VI, the Egyptians can build a sphinx, which will significantly increase the faith and culture of the state, and the Vikings have drakkar ships on which you can effectively attack coastal settlements ). The game develops not only strategy skills, but also diplomacy – you will repeatedly have to participate in negotiations with the leaders of neighboring states.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is very fond of Civilization. On the day Civilization VI was released, he posted on his Facebook page that he has been playing the series since high school. “This is my favorite strategy, and it’s also one of the reasons I got into engineering,” he said.

The potential of the game was also noticed in the field of education – it is planned that in the fall of this year a special version of Civilization will be used in American schools for educational purposes.

Starcraft ii

StarCraft II teaches you how to make decisions – for example, is it worth sending troops to attack right away or is it better to wait while you develop your technologies. The game also develops time management skills: the outcome of the battle may depend on exactly when you create units of soldiers and make the necessary improvements.

The phenomenal impact of the game on intelligence caught the attention of Google DeepMind. Last November, the company partnered with game developer Blizzard Entertainment. StarCraft II will be a testing ground for exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence .


Portal and Portal 2 are both challenging spatial puzzles. The gameplay is built around the portal gun mechanics: this device allows you to create portals with which you can solve various logical problems in space – you can go through them yourself or throw objects through them. Moreover, the object passing through the portals retains the speed and direction of movement. This is often used in solving puzzles, when portals must be opened in such a way that before entering one portal, the player gains kinetic energy, and after exiting another, he spends it on overcoming an obstacle.https://www.youtube.com/embed/QGQo0z3XikI

Such puzzles develop logical and spatial thinking, make you think over all your actions and remember the laws of physics. In 2011, Valve , the developer of the Portal series, announced a special learning project called Learn With Portals. As part of this project, the company provided US schools with a free version of Portal 2 that teachers could use to teach physics and develop critical thinking. In addition, in the same year, Valve invited students from Evergreen Private School to their office so that they could try themselves as game designers and model their own level in the game.


Minecraft is a huge sandbox where you can build almost anything from pixel blocks. Such boundless creative freedom is very attractive for people of all ages. That is why Minecraft is the most popular game in the history of Youtube – in total, there are about 42 million videos with it.

The game develops creativity and logical thinking (you need to think about how different types of blocks interact with each other). In 2014, Microsoft acquired Minecraft and its developer company Mojang for $ 2.5 billion and is going to actively develop the educational direction of the game. With the help of a special educational version of the game  Minecraft Education Edition, it  is planned to teach history, mathematics, physics and programming. The educational version of Minecraft will be distributed free of charge in schools in Northern Ireland .


Hearthstone may seem like a simple card game, but in reality you have to think like in chess. Strategic thinking is useful not only for making the right moves in a game, but also for building a strong deck of cards. One of the nice things about Hearthstone is that it’s very comfortable to play from your tablet or phone.