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5 tips for writing compelling content

In this context of frantic publication of content – we sometimes speak of “content shock” – it is not easy to stand out on the web. The quality of the writing is therefore more essential than ever. If there is no miracle recipe to mark the minds of Internet users, the key objective nevertheless remains to write attractive, impactful and effective content. How to do it? We gives you five tips.

1. Put down the pens and think before you start writing

Before you jump headlong into writing your content, it’s important to take the time to think things through to build your message. You must first be able to answer very succinctly two essential questions: “What do I want to express? “And” Where do I want to end up? “.

The answers to these two questions allow you to identify the main themes that will become the main parts of your content. Above all, they allow you to specify a central idea, that is to say your angle. This phase of reflection, during which you put down your pens also research about Create A Wikipedia Profile Page, is essential to avoid going all over the place and to give the main directions of your content.

2. Make choices

This is perhaps THE basic rule of web writing that it is important to remember: to inform is to choose. Make the choice of its subject, its angle but also its target. This is the best way to educate your internet user and provide them with a clear message.
You cannot say everything in one and the same content, at the risk of giving it no identity and drowning your Internet user in an overflow of information. If several angles emerge during your reflection on the subject, it is better in this case to break them down into several independent contents.

3. Write a first draft without thinking of Google

On your first draft, it is advisable to forget that you are writing for Google, otherwise you end up with bland and uninvited content. In other words, let yourself go without blocking yourself with the constraints related to the SEO of your content, tone, target, etc. Your style will only be better.

It is only during the next phase, that of proofreading and rewriting, that you can do a few tweaks to add relevance and essential notions, or to adapt the tone and style to the publishing platform. . During this step, it is also advisable to remove the superfluous and to favor the active turns, for example.

Fred Vargas, author of French thrillers, affirms that it takes her barely three weeks, certainly “intense”, to write the first draft of her novel. Most of the work for her lies in the correction, requiring six months on average. Although this is about writing a book, this example illustrates the importance of the unrestrained first draft, followed by proofreading.

4. Work on the titles and the catchphrase

To write attractive content that works for your target audience, your headlines should ideally be informative AND impactful. Be careful, however, not to fall into the trap of catchy but misleading titles, which seduce the reader by misleading him.

A good title must attract the Internet user while remaining faithful to the content. There is no need to overdo it, or to use complex and convoluted words (this also applies to all of your text), because it is often the simplest ideas that are the strongest.

Same advice for the hook of your text, which is meant to be direct and synthetic, so that the Internet user can get straight to the heart of the matter. Do not hesitate to answer the 5W quickly – why, where, when, who, what – to position your text and give the reader a guide.

5. Arouse emotion

To captivate the Internet user and ensure that your content is attractive enough not to be forgotten, it is essential to generate emotion. How to do it? By creating images in the reader’s mind, through examples, illustrations and concrete cases. In other words, it is about running away from abstract ideas to focus more on real facts.

Finally, the drop in your content is far from trivial, because it is this that will arouse the last emotion, the one in which you leave the Internet user. So do not hesitate to take care of it, in order to make the reader want to come back.