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5 Simple Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home

For whitening your teeth, you can easily find a large number of products in the market. But you will be shocked to know that a whitening agent known as bleach is used in so many products among these. Bleach is harmful to our health. Now I will describe 5 simple ways to naturally whiten your teeth at home.

1. Do oil pulling – From the body, toxins can be removed and oral hygiene can be improved if you use a remedy known as oil pulling. The yellow color of your teeth is because of the formation of plaque which occurs as a result of bacteria. For removing the bacteria from your mouth, you need to take some oil in your mouth and swish well. You can use any oil. Sesame oil or sunflower oil are used by the Indians mostly. A healthy and tasty choice is coconut oil. For killing bacteria and reducing inflammation, so much lauric acid is present in coconut oil. It has been found that gingivitis, plaque and mouth bacteria can get reduced if you practice oil pulling daily. In the mouth take coconut oil in an amount of 1 tablespoon. Then swish well. For about 20 minutes you need to do oil pulling.

2. Use baking soda to brush your teeth – The properties of naturally whitening the teeth are present in baking soda. The tooth stains can be scrubbed away with the help of baking soda because it works as a mild abrasive. For preventing the growth of bacteria in the mouth, an alkaline environment is created by baking soda. Brushing teeth with baking soda will not make your teeth white in a single day. Some time will be needed for this remedy to work. When from the teeth you want to remove yellow stains by brushing then you will get a lot of help if baking soda is present in the toothpaste. Teeth plaque can be removed if you brush them with this toothpaste. Take water in an amount of 2 teaspoons and add baking soda in it in an amount of 1 teaspoon. Mix well. Do brushing with this mixture.

3. Take some hydrogen peroxide and use it as a mouthwash – For killing the mouth’s bacteria, a bleaching agent that is natural is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is present in large amounts in a lot of products that are used for whitening teeth. When you want to whiten your teeth then you will get a lot of help if 1 % hydrogen peroxide and baking soda present in toothpaste. However, tooth sensitivity and gum irritation can occur if you use hydrogen peroxide in large amounts. So, always use it in small amounts. Prior to brushing you can use a mouthwash which is basically hydrogen peroxide. For avoiding side effects, a 1.5 % solution will be good. There is one more way of using it. Take toothpaste, mix baking soda in it and then add hydrogen peroxide to it. Then brush your teeth with it.

4. Eat vegetables and fruits – For your teeth as well as for your body it is very good if you eat vegetables and fruits. Plaque can be removed when you eat those vegetables and fruits that are crunchy. In order to whiten the teeth, two fruits can help a lot and these are pineapple and strawberries.

Pineapple – It has been found that tooth stains can be removed by eating pineapples because these contain an enzyme known as bromelain.

Strawberries – A lot of celebrities use a mixture of baking soda and strawberries so as to whiten the teeth. Tooth discoloration can be removed by the strawberries because malic acid is present in them. However, damage can occur to your teeth if you excessively use the mixture of baking soda and strawberries. So, it will be good if in 1 week this mixture is used some times only.

5. Follow good eating habits for preventing tooth stains – For preventing tooth stains you can do a number of things:

  • Consume beverages and foods in limited amounts only – Stains on the teeth can occur by consuming dark berries, soda, red wine and coffee. It will be good for your teeth if you eat these beverages and foods in limited amounts only. In order to protect your teeth always use a straw when drinking beverages. Whenever you eat the beverages and foods of these types then just after this do the brushing. Discoloration of the teeth can occur after chewing tobacco and smoking. So, you need to avoid these.
  • Don’t consume so much sugar – Eat sugar in limited amounts only so as to keep your teeth white. Gingivitis and plaque can occur from the bacteria that grow on sugar. Do brushing after eating the foods containing sugar.
  • Include a lot of calcium in your diet – When erosion of the enamel occurs then discoloration of the teeth occurs. So, you need to make your enamel strong and for this eat broccoli, cheese and milk which are foods containing a lot of calcium.

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