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5 secrets will make your custom printed boxes amazing

Everyone in this world has a busy life routine, including the buyers. Broadly speaking, they do not have ample time to compare and contrast two products in the market. So, they leave their purchasing decisions on appearance; this is where the custom printed boxes can prove favorable for your business. Bear it in your mind that it is not these boxes that will attract or repel the customers, but it is the design that makes the real difference. It is the most powerful tool to set you apart from the pack of some potential competitors. But, the question is how you can work on the design to make these boxes more appealing and prominent in the eyes of clients. For that, you need to consult the guide below. 

Be impressive with the artwork:

The artwork on the packaging boxes matters a lot in calculating the potential of the brand in the target market. The more impressive and creative it is, the more it stands the chance of beating the competition and standing out from the pack. Imagine the box with pointless corporate logo placement, i.e., it is placed at the corner of the printed boxes instead of being the centerpiece of your design. Will it make any sense or attract the maximum attention of the clients? Similarly, imagine them not displaying the name of your company.

 It is completely unacceptable from a customer’s point of view. You need to bear in mind that if you are not taking care of the communicating aspect with your buyers, other brands will, and as a result, they will stand more chance of beating you out. So, you must take care of adding some beautiful designs to the boxes and align your logo, text, and company name properly on the front panel. This kind of approach is influential in making these packages stunning and attracting maximum attention. 

Try target-oriented typefaces:

Each and every element in the design of your cardboard boxes must lead the customers to the message your company is eyeing to communicate. The process starts with the text printed anywhere on the packages, whether it is outside or inside. Remember, the size, color, and style of your typefaces should work accordingly for your targeted audience. The elderly clients often have weaker eyesight, and thus, the largest text is more favorable for them as it will help them in easy reading.

 However, for the adults, the medium-sized fonts should be given priority as it prompts them to read the printed information. The smaller typefaces should be given the least primacy in the design as they affect the readability. It is important for you to understand that typography is not always about the style of the fonts or the fonts you use. In fact, you need to be extra careful and plan the spacing between the letters, lines, and sentences. 

Exciting color combinations:

When selecting the color combination for your printed boxes, it is imperative for you to narrow down your approach to some of the fundamental parameters to create maximum impact with your packages. At first, your color choice should depend on how you want to represent your product on the retail shelves. Secondly, it should match the style of your brand so as to provide an appropriate hint at its personality. In case your brand does not own a particular style that represents it visually, it is wise to opt for the colors that excite the target audience. The cooler hues such as blue and green are more associated with feelings of calmness and relaxation. However, the brighter ones, such as red and pink, bear an association with the feelings of love and romance. Thirdly, it is significant to make sure that the selected colors for your design provide a perfect contrast with the background color of the boxes. 

Aim for minimalism:

Do you want your box design to backfire? No one wants that; after all, they have worked so hard for it. In a try of outdoing each other, the brands often stray too far with the design that it becomes visually unpleasant. This is where it becomes extremely challenging for the clients to understand what you are trying to say, and as a result, the design backfires on you. So, never go for a design that has a lot going on; rather, prefer the one that is clean and clear. To accomplish this type of design, you can restrict your approach to a single color, some hand-crafted lines, and easy-to-read typefaces. Often, the brands think that aiming for minimalism when it comes to the packaging design is a cliché; however, there is nothing like that as it is just a myth. 

Striking finishing options:

The finishing of the custom printed packages serves a great deal in augmenting the visual prominence of these marketing pieces. This is because it makes the printed stuff more expressive and striking to the eyes of the clients who cannot resist this appeal. The laminations such as matte, gloss, no smudge, and velvet make your printed text appear more bright and smooth. The foiling options such as gold and silver also go a long way in making your boxes visually graceful and keeping the clients hooked. Apart from these options, you could also consider the use of some textured coatings that give a tangible appeal to the packaging and impress the visitors with its aesthetic effects as well. 


Everyone thinks that designing custom printed boxes is all about making them look prettier. In fact, it is more than that; each of your design elements must have a purpose and bear an association with a silent message in order to create your envisioned brand perception. So, to execute the right design for your boxes, you need to be impressed with the artwork, color selection, typography, and finishing options.

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