5 Important Things That Get Stolen Off Jobsite

5 Important Things That Get Stolen Off Jobsite

If you are here, we know you are concerned about the security of your assets and may be at a verge of installing security cameras. In this blog, we want to walk you through various kinds of thefts businesses have experienced and guide you on how to stay safe.

Tools and equipment burglary is a consistent problem for the development and manufacturing industry. Tool misfortune drives high replacement and resourcing prices and puts barriers in the development process, regardless of whether they are taken by outsiders or workers or lost nearby on the job site. In a nutshell, these losses across places of work hurt the reality and make work unusual. 

Discouraging and minimizing theft requests changes to your activities that make them less alluring to wrongdoing. How you plan and work locales and offices can make it more outlandish that devices “stroll off.” Like tracking tech and marking, preventative steps can diminish the chances of a tool getting stolen. Your business can convey on schedule and spending plan by empowering a free from any danger building site. Experts recommend installing Solar Surveillance Camera Trailer to keep a track of unwanted movement at your business premises.

What Reports Say

Under 25 percent of hardware taken from a building site is recuperated. That is a significant worry for the owners. 

5 Things That Can Get Stolen Off Your Jobsite

With the exact readiness, you can protect your gear. It is essential to know about the 5most regular kinds of burglaries at worksites so that you can focus on your security and well being endeavors.

  1. Small Supplies and Tools: Small instruments are not difficult to steal from a building site. These are well-known things for worker burglary. Over the long haul, each little device, similar to a wrench or a drill, amounts to a significant misfortune. It’s critical to take stock and lock up such things left at the site. Make a lock-up framework in vehicles or store all instruments in a single focal area.
  2. Appliances: In residential areas, apparatuses are mainstream robbery targets. It’s hard to make sure about every machine, for example, fridges, washers, water radiators, and broilers, when various houses are going up at once.
  3. Heavy Machinery: Stealing heave machines is not easy work. It is not as common as compared to small tools. But when the robbery of heavy machines occurs, it accounts for a more significant loss.
  4. Metals: Some metals are quite a good range, making it a preferable target of a thief. Copper continues to be a popular target for thieves because of its increased cost.
  5. Lumber: Lumber is another target in the list. It happens because the employees do other construction projects on the side and grab a few pieces from here and there.

How Can We Avoid Different Types Of Theft?

  • Store tools at difficult places
  • Put large types of equipment close to smaller ones
  • Maintain the record of all kinds of equipment
  • Perform a thorough check on employees
  • Install Solar Security Camera Trailer


Performing regular checks at the end of the day, putting alarms, checking the surveillance framework with the help of Solar Security Camera Trailer, and checking equipment will convey a message to the thieves that you are not an easy target.

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