5 Excellent Features of Video Greetings Cards

It’s the time of the year when everyone is wishing others for a safe and happy upcoming year. Good wishes are everywhere and each one is looking to make the wish as personal and unique as possible for their loved ones.

Greeting cards are a perfect way to wish anyone for any occasion. Be it birthdays, New Year, or any other occasion, a greeting card can be a great choice to personalize your message for your loved ones. And the new addition to the existing greeting cards is an LCD video greeting card.

LCD greeting cards are small thin electronic cards that allows you to add a personal video message to the one you are wishing. It looks like a regular card but when you open it, you get an LCD screen which will play the video wish.

LCD greeting cards are comparatively new in the market and is creating a stir for more than one reason. So, what makes video greeting cards special? Let’s find out.

1. Novelty

Handmade greeting cards continue the basic functionality of greeting, but extend video playback capabilities of musical greeting cards and recording greeting cards, including audio and video playback adds an extra dimension to your wish. As an electronic gift, these fun and creative video greeting cards are worth sending as a good gift items.

2. Mobile

The size of a video greeting card is usually A4, A5, 1 cm thick, thin and delicate. Easy to carry and store like a greeting card that looks like a pamphlet, these cards are a perfect example of trendy and unique. You can use these cards for not only birthday or personal wishes. But you can also use them for corporate promotion, product promotion, and every other type of advertising activities.

3. Dynamic Advertising

Compared to regular brochures, video cards are lively and intuitive, and once aired, the videos are instantly popular. Use a video card and run good ads if you want consumers to quickly remember your brand, company image, and product details while viewing a video pamphlet.

4. Easy to Operate

Video greeting cards can often be updated in video content, it only requires a USB connection to computer that can delete and update the video. The video greeting card operation is also very simple. Open the video greeting card and that will play the video automatically. Close it and the video stops playing.

5. Personalization

Video greeting cards offer a full range of custom services, from theme size to screen size, playback mode to style design features, and provide personalized services for the vast majority of users. Thus, video greeting cards have special product features to satisfy the user’s personal requirements.

With all these excellent features, it’s no wonder that LCD video greeting cards are gaining huge popularity. You too can use them for any type of personalized messages and video greeting to make your close ones feel special.

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