5 Drawbacks to Using an iPhone With a Cracked Screen

When trying to juggle all of life’s expenses it’s perhaps more convenient to brush off your iPhone screen repairs until later. After all, your phone is still working so do you really need to fix it?

However, a number of things can go wrong when your screen is cracked. For one, a multitude of cracks can lead to more and more cracks until your screen is no longer readable. Also, cracks allow water and other materials to seep beneath the surface and damage the fragile components.

So, if your iPhone screen is broken, it’s better that you get it fixed by some iPhone repair center. When you choose a center, make sure you opt for one who buys iPhone repair parts wholesale in USA. That way, the costs of the repair will be justified.

A Cracked Screen Leads to More Cracks

If your phone is cracked, even slightly, it is at a much greater risk of completely shattering. Usually, an iPhone can shatter if you drop it, but it can also shatter from practically nothing at all, when your screen is cracked. For instance, you simply set it down on your desk and suddenly the phone shatters into pieces.

Your Phone Could Become Badly Damaged

Without the protection that a screen offers, it’s very easy for major components of your iPhone to break. For instance, the digitizer is located directly behind your screen; this component is responsible for interpreting your touch on the screen. When your screen is cracked, part of the digitizer is left exposed to things like dust, water and debris, all of which are capable of creating a lot of damage. It’s very likely that the digitizer will break, leaving you with far greater repairs to deal with.

You can be Cut by the Glass

The glass can be sharp and cut you or create injury. The glass could even embed into your skin. A minor cut can be handled, but imagine a bunch of tiny glass shards stuck in the tip of your finger!

Decreases Phone Value

It’s not going to be worth as much with a broken screen if you decide to sell your device. By fixing your phone screen at the time it breaks, you actually help protect the value in the long-term.

It Looks Unprofessional

You carry your phone everywhere and people are going to notice if your screen is badly cracked. This can reflect negatively on you. It sounds silly but people make judgments based on anything they can gather from your appearance, such as the state of your smartphone. Particularly, carrying an iPhone with a cracked screen will look really unprofessional.

These are the drawbacks of using an iPhone with a cracked screen. It is damaging for your phone, and can harm you as well. So, it’s always better to get your iPhone repaired from some iPhone repair center. When choosing a center, however, make sure they buy iPhone repair parts wholesale in USA. That way, the spares you’ll get will be genuine.

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