4 Roof Leak Repair Tips – Find and Fix It

The roof is the vital and most visible part of your house. So if you are deciding to renovate your home, then the roof will be on the top of the list. However, constant climate change can damage the roofs by causing leakage and is a sign that you have water pooling between your ceiling and roof.

 Further, it can add stress on your beams, drywall and insulation resulting sagging that leads to a collapse. Therefore, roof leak repair is the best solution to solve this issue. Here we are going to show you roof leak repair tips to fix all the minor problems.

  1.  Seal leaky joints

You can look for gaps in the caulk or sealant where objects intersect with an emerge from the roof.

  •      You can use caulk or roof sealant to fix small gaps and new flashing to solve large cracks.
  • Now apply cement using a thin, flexible putty knife on the joined surfaces.
  • Moreover, apply a bead of waterproof silicone caulk on small gaps at the metal collar of a pipe or vent.
  • Apply a bead of roof cement on loose flashing and press it back into place.

2. Repair damaged roll roofing

You can look for small cracks through the water around chimneys, joints, vents or other objects on your roof. It happens due to open slits present in the roofing material and bubbles where water or air get collected.

However, if there is wear, water stain on the ceiling, then calling the professional is the right choice. Here are some ways to solve this issue.

  • Firstly, sweep away any old gravel from the area and then use a knife carefully to spice through the middle of the blister.
  • Now if the blister contains water, then you can use a dry rag to soak it up.
  • Use a small trowel to apply cement under the edges of the tear. Further, push it inside as far as you can. Now flatten down the surface by pressing it.
  • Cut a patch of tar paper. Now apply cement on the area, then set the patch over the gum and press it lightly.
  • After covering the area with a patch of roll roofing, apply cement over the entire surface using a small trowel.

3. Replace broken wood shakes

Look for roof damages, broken shakes and other signs of wear and tear. Here are the ways to remove wood shakes

  • Use the hammer carefully to split the shakes and remove the pieces with a set of pairs.
  • Now use a hacksaw blade to remove the nails.
  • Purchase a new shake and cut it into the same measurements to fit it into the place of old shakes.
  • Use shingle nails into the new shake at an upward angle to secure it.
  • If the nail heads are not covered yet then apply cement by using a small trowel to smoothen up the surface.

4. Fix asphalt shingles

If you don’t find any leakage inside your house, then go up to the roof to track down the water stains and mould. Moreover, look for cracks, wide gaps where roofing materials meet and other signs of wear and tear.

  •      Smooth out the shingles and use a caulking gun to apply a dab of sealant under the corners.

            Press the shingles down and cover it with roof cement, using a small trowel.

  • Use a thick bid of roof sealant under the crack. Further, press it down and apply another bead of concrete over the tear using a putty knife.
  • Replace the broken shingles by carefully lifting the edges of the shingle with a pry bar. Now remove broken nails by using a hammer.

 Final thoughts

 However, small cracks and tears are the entry points for moisture and cause leakage. Therefore, read all four roof leak repair Vaughantips and start working to solve the leakage problems.

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