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10 Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Coupon on CouponXOO

The ‘best coupon’ is one that would yield the maximum discount on a purchase. Here are 10 tips/hacks to ensure you can reap maximum benefits from your shopping without much hassle 

10 Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Coupon

1. Use the Search Bar on the Website

Coupons are one click away at CouponXOO. Consumers can look for their desired store’s available coupons by using the search toolbar on the top right corner of the homepage.

All you need to search for is “keyword + coupon,” and the site immediately provides a wide range of options. Here, the keyword would have to be the store you want the coupon for.

You can hunt for discount codes in many events such as Flash Sale, occasions like Halloween, Back to School, Christmas, Back Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, etc. that you can get the best discount. If you make regular purchases at the store, don’t hesitate to contact CouponXoo, they will support you with exclusive discount codes.

A good example of MIDAS Buy PUBG Redeem Codes at couponxoo.com.

For many gamers, Pubg UC is one of the essentials to unlock a lot of things in the game. With these codes you can boost your health, weapons and much more. You can also buy this using Google Play credit or some other online method. Have a tip where you get a free code. Get the latest codes at couponxoo.com.

 2. Steer clear of Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing, or showing different product prices to different consumers based on their distinct searches and browser cookies, is used by retailers to show you a relatively higher price of a commodity and eventually have greater profit margins.

To escape this vicious cycle, make sure to erase your cookies and check seller websites using a guest account.

This is where CouponXOO comes into the picture – after you break out of the dynamic price loop and can see the original product price, check couponxoo.com for a code that matches your interest best.

3. Leave

Make sure to do this from your original account (not the aforementioned guest profile) and not erase your browser history or cookies after exiting the shopping website.

When consumers add products to their cart but leave them as it is, vendors tend to assume the former left because of high prices. That is when it all begins working in your favor.

Thanks to algorithms, you will now see frequent ads about discounts and deals indicating lower prices. So look for the most convenient coupon code and shop to your heart’s delight!

4. Cancel Order at Payment Stage

Online and offline shopping is not very different when it comes to a shopkeeper offering on-the-spot discounts if the consumer leaves while shopping to have a look at other stores.

You can get in-shop discounts before having to apply external coupon codes this way. All you need to do is to proceed with your order until the payment portion. Cancel your order at this stage. The cookies would follow you around, and either at that very moment or sometime in (very) near future, you’d see discount ads that would indicate a price drop.

Avail of the dropped price + the highest value coupon from CouponXOO.

 5. Compare Coupons

The common practice of comparing the same product offered by different sellers to find the cheapest one available – you can do that with coupons.

For instance, you want to buy item X sold by A, B, and C vendors at affordable rates.

Go to CouponXOO, search for “A/B/C + coupon.”

Compare the most budget-friendly coupons from the 3 vendors (keywords) and go with the one that suits you best, say, “coupon for B.”

Now, when you purchase item X from B, you have a minimal rate offered by the seller without messing with your browser settings and an additional coupon to ensure savings.

6. Keep The Search Going

CouponXOO is a humungous online coupon database – which is why, sometimes, you might have to expand your search bandwidth a little and scroll through all the results generated to find your desired coupon code.

 7. Do Daily Searches

As an extension to the previous tip, don’t lose heart if you can’t find a good deal/coupon on the first day itself. Codes at CouponXOOare constantly updated, which builds all the more reason for you to keep on searching – at least for a few days.

Set a time deadline, say 3 days. Search extensively for high margin coupons for 3 days and finally, on the fourth day, make the purchase with the best one.

8. Select Your Keyword Smartly

On couponxoo.com, the best search results can be generated using efficient and minimalistic keywords. (search : “keyword+coupon”)

Thus, make sure to enter the right keywords. For instance, when looking for sunglasses, it’d be a more effective search if you search for “ ‘brand name‘ coupon” instead of “sunglasses coupon.”

 9. Subscribe to Alerts

Subscribe to alerts from CouponXOO to get notified about the latest coupon codes and discounts available.

You may then organize your shopping itinerary according to available coupons.

10. Be Aware About Festival-Special Deals

Most sellers provide huge discounts and offer during festivals as an attempt to increase sales during a time when consumers would naturally be making huger purchases.

Always be extra alert during these joyous times, and as soon as you see any product on sale, check CouponXOO for all coupons relevant to your search.

With CouponXOO, you don’t merely make savings during shopping; you make

smart-saves and have the upper hand in the savings dynamics!